Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Somehow I blinked and summer was over.  Not that I should be surprised because it happens every year.  The truth is, our summers are not very luxurious.  We do cool things and make memories but somehow nothing seems relaxing.  I traveled a little, worked a lot, made dinner maybe twice (?) and spent far too much time on snapchat.  

Holly kicked off the month of June with her first ever summer camp.   Like balls to the walls full blown 5 nights 6 days, no cell phones, no computers, no communication with the outside world,  hide candy under your pillow, flashlights in the woods, I triple dog dare you to not shower the whole time summer camp.  Her and 7 of her dance besties had been planning and packing for months.  They acted like it was some kind of secret summer mission and the code name was "moisturizer."  Sneaky sneaky, girls.  Ain't no one cracking that code.  They all had code names and Holly's was "jello."  The group text leading up to moisturizer went off at least 100 times a day and almost crashed the entire emoji system.

The timing of the moisturizer mission was truly perfect.  The day I could avoid no longer had arrived.  Holly and her ladies auditioned for Nebraska Dance Company.  I cried buckets over it but it happened.  Rather than watching them wait by the mailbox for 4 days for their result letters, we shipped them off to Camp Rivercrest.  Having her away was much harder on me than her.  Thanks to her amazing friends, she didn't get too homesick.  Holly swears she showered a few times but made no promises on brushing her teeth.  She claimed the bathroom was too crowded.  Can't win them all, folks.

Telling them all they had made company as they walked out of camp was a memory I will never forget.   Holly ran towards me, dove into my arms and sobbed.

In the meantime, Sammy hopped on a plane with my mom to experience a bit of Chicago.  My sister (the adorable red head flight attendant on American Airlines who "woke up like this") wanted to show the kid what a big city really looks like.  He had a blast.  So much so that he boarded a flight to Miami one month later with my dad.  Chicago and Miami were the perfect break from reality for him this summer.  By "reality" I mean raising his 4 year old sister while his parents work.  I felt a little guilty about that especially the day I came home and asked Stella "what's up" and she responded with "gas prices."

Thanks for loving her all summer, Sammy.  You deserved this so much.....

My summer was pretty consistent with how my life operates.  Rushed and overloaded but filled with awesome people.  After 3 carefree days at Mahoney state park with my family, I got to spend a week in Daytona Beach with some of my faves. Back at home, we went to lots of baseball games and crushed our second ever Gretna Days.  As Holly binge watched cupcake wars on Netflix all summer, I was her best judge when she played it live with the neighbor kids in my kitchen.  (I must add that she got freakishly good at making cupcakes and frosting from scratch).  We road tripped to KC over the 4th of July and got to see lots of family we don't see often.  We danced in the rain on our deck and Stella fell in love with Gage's guitar.  I spent a week in Long Beach at a work conference and got even more fired up to teach dance and inspire little people.  Summer was packed with goodness and chaos. We avoided Sammy and Holly killing each other by the skin of our teeth so I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely ready for back to school.

The sibs and I at the top of the Observation town at Mahoney

5 of my favorite little girls on a tree branch.  

My #daytonatravelbuddies and roomies
The amount I love him:  Infinity
Moisturizer getting back in the daily grind.  
Not pictured:  my melted heart

Being totally honest, the first day of school hit me like a ton of emotional bricks that I didn't see coming.  Next year Sammy will be going into High school, Holly into Middle school and Stella will be starting kindergarten.  Clearly I didn't think that one through.  There is something so innocent and precious about Elementary school and I'm going to want to lock Holly in there I just know it.  Since Sammy transferred from Millard, he's a year ahead in math and has to start everyday this year at the High school for Geometry.  I cried off and on for 2 days over it.  Something about taking my 8th grader to high school each morning feels so awkward and wrong.  I've been so proud of him for the way he's handled it and that's made it a lot easier on my heart.  He's got his life mapped out and is keeping his eye on the prize (KU).  I super duper love being his mom.

Stella starts preschool soon and I can finally start watching Friends on Netflix catch up on laundry.  I wish I had beautiful pictures from our summer ventures to show you but that's not really how I roll these days so you're getting our best selfies of summer 2015.  You're welcome.

Now we are as ready as we can be for 2015-2016.  We are 4 short weeks away from Valas opening day and Holly's 11th birthday planning has already begun.  Smells like fun, sass, and pumpkin spice to me!