Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stella turns 4

It's birthday month for my love bug.  My silly and sassy and always singing 4 year old.  This year she fell in love with her birthday. It's so great how 4 year olds love to be celebrated. She's also been super into bedtime prayers so mixed with birthday excitement, bedtime has been extra enjoyable.

Its adorable to me anyway when little kids pray and always a tiny bit funny. It's also been the theme of Stella's life to maximize everything awesome so why should her love for the Lord be any different? Some nights she thanks God for every thing in sight including her lamp, her smoke detector, her bed frame, and every polka dot on her polka dot wall.  Other nights she begs God to put a baby sister named Elsa in my tummy. One of my favorites so far has been when she thanked/explained every month of the year in prayer form. She apologized for the length of her prayer that night but I assured her God loves hearing every word.  As do I.  She's so full out.

As we know, kids are sponges and it would be super sweet if Stella only learned spiritual things but we still live on planet earth. And we also listen to 94.1 jams. Stella REALLY loves Kelly Clarkson and specifically the heart beat song.  It seems harmless to me that she knows all the lyrics.  Annoying when she cries for it to come on the radio...but harmless.  However, she did raise a few eyebrows when she shouted loudly at a baseball game "IF I GO TO JAIL TONIGHT! PROMISE YOU'LL PAY MY BAIL!"

Rethink the radio station in the car? Nah. We're gunna shake it off and light it up up up like its dynamite!

This year Stella's main goal was to have as many people as possibly be aware that she turned 4 on May 6th. We had a few friends over that day because Stella wanted to plant flowers. A girl after my own heart.

Let the 'friend party' craze begin.  In a few short years I'll be hosting a sleepover with a zillion giggly girls that have no plans to sleep.  Her sidekick, Austin, probably won't be invited to the sleepover down the road especially after I over heard her telling him that "they can't be married because they don't have very many dollars."  Until then, boys are still buddies.

**Bedtime May 6th, 2015**

"Lord Jesus thank you for my birthday. Thank you for my mom and dad and Sammy and Holly. Thank you for all my Sophia the First characters too. In the morning can you please help me find Amber because I checked the back of the box and she IS on there but I can't find her. I hope she's okay and just taking a really good nap like I'm about to. Lord Jesus. Amen." -Stella

I love being this chick's mom.  She acts like a teenager but she's just a baby. :)

Stella Rose, Happy birthday!  I love you so much silly girl.  I can't wait to watch these videos with you someday when you are much older...

Stella turns 3

Stella turns 2

Stella turns 1

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