Monday, March 16, 2015

My Teenager

I've spent lots of time preparing myself to parent a teenager. Years probably. I've wished it away and tried to buy myself more time. Yet the inevitable has arrived and Sammy ended his era of boyhood.  I miss him already but I'm determined to do these teen years right.  I feel the pressure of the next 5 years weighing on my shoulders.  I think I'm loosening my grip but trying with all my might to steer him towards anything and all things pure.  He's such a great kid and I just love being his mom.  I also did not want the last 12 years to go down without a bang so we celebrated all weekend long. We hard core celebrated the heck out of this kid.

His actual day was Thursday, the 12th.  Gage and I took him out to dinner free from his sisters per his request.  We hashed over past birthday memories, ate wings, watched basketball and topped the night off with a trip to the ER.

I'm sorry what?

I'm giving you the SUPER short version because this story is actually not cool at all.  After a week of chest pain and me telling him to shake it off, the pain increased at dinner.  I told him to try eating less wings and drink water.  Clear A+ mothering skills.  On the way home he (cried) begged us to take him to the doctor because it hurt to breathe.  Still not taking him serious, I called the nurses line and told them his symptoms.  They instructed us to go to the ER.  COME ON!!!  With the .00000000001% chance that it WAS indeed an issue with his heart, we didn't take any chances.  We waited for 5 hours in the Emergency Room where there were no empty seats and no real emergencies.

Sammy started to feel better as the hours passed and I just wanted to get the heck outta there.  We declined the XRAY and EKG and the doc didn't seemed too phased by it.  I made sure to get the clock in the next few pics.  Purely for entertainment down the road.

1:00am.  My 13 year old


Turns out the kid has a virus causing inflammation in his ribs.  And it hurts.  Awesome.

I let him sleep in the next day which turned out swimmingly because we had a surprise party planned for him that night.  Props to his super fun group of friends for helping me pull off a blast of a surprise. The boys walked to our house after school and we set up shop to knock Sammy's socks off.   Sam had a shopping date with my mom while the boys came up with a plan to hide and "scare" him. The scoped out hiding places in the basement before I got the text to hide ya kids, hide ya wife because he's almost home.  I genuinely think we surprised him which is a near possible feat.  If he was onto us last week, he lied and humored me anyway.  Between you and me, he had tears in his eyes.  I'm calling it a win.

That's a $13 scarf

The boys played basketball for hours and one serious game of "team death match" which is basically a teenage boy name for hide-and-seek.  Let the record show that I love my daughters very much but there is no comparrison to how easy boys are.  After team death match was complete with no casualties, they held what appeared to be wrestling practice in my basement.  Headgears and all. Boys truely live in their own little world.  They were all sleeping by midnight.  Boy sleepovers are a cakewalk compared to what happened here in September.


You adorable boys can come back anytime!

Saturday my family surprised him with the custom longboard he's been wanting. Along with all things needed to keep him alive while on it. I was pretty proud of this surprise too considering Stella almost blew it like 4 times.  I think he was actually speechless.  He stared at the large box for a minute trying to take it in and drown out Gage telling him it's his very own EKG machine.

Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.

This boy brings me so much joy.  I love everything about him.  Even though I'm shaking in my boots about raising a teenager, he makes being a mom easy.  Most of the time.  I miss him letting me take his picture when he's actually looking at the camera but when no one's around, he still hugs me like he did when he was a toddler.

I love you, #9

Sammy turns 12

Sammy turns 11

Sammy turns 10