Monday, February 2, 2015

Selfies and Specs

I've been taken down some unexpected turns since the new year began.  Turns that make me laugh a little because
1. My life is often laughable and
2. God knows when I need to slow down and focus solely on my family.

Holly is a worrier. It's bad. So when she cries every night about having a headache and sometimes comes off the bus in tears for the same reason, I tell her it's totally normal. I've gotten used to telling her things are normal. Ebola? Totally normal. Plane crashes? Not likely but normal. I made her carry a water bottle around with her and told her to try and spend like HALF of her usual time doing handstands and walkovers. Nothing helped.  The headaches were stubborn and her tears were becoming more and more believable.  Despite her constant worry, she's always had a freaky high tolerance for pain.

After two solid weeks, I pulled myself out of denial and took her to the eye doctor. It's a funny thing how kids are a genetic blend of their parents. Holly looks like I spit her right out of my mouth so I ignorantly assumed she would float through life 20/20 like her mama.  I guess it would have been a tiny miracle if all my kids were completely unscathed by their nearly blind father's eyesight.

When I first mentioned taking her to the eye doctor, she cried. I'm pretty sure it was just the initial
I KNEW THIS WASN'T NORMAL because tears quickly turned to smiles when she pictured herself in glasses. The doc told her she only needs to wear the glasses when she's inside which is pretty much always. That part shocked me a little. I was expecting a pair of reading glasses or a "don't worry she'll grow out of it." At times like this I'm thankful for the innocence of a child. Now I'm the one freaking out as her futures flashes before my eyes and I see her being the girl asking if she can go fix her contacts at dance.

This is totally normal, Missy.  Like a bazillion kids wear glasses.

As usual, Holly made me laugh hysterically with her witty comments while she tried on different styles.  I about died at the cuteness of her face.  She told me she wouldn't even try on the "expensive" ones but quickly realized that was impossible.  I appreciate the effort, Holls.

"nose pieces are not an option." - Holly

Even though Holly "struggles" with cleanliness, she is VERY responsible and has proven herself over and over in that area.  She has one of the sharpest memories I know and being a pleaser, she does what she's told.  I'm confident Holly will take good care of her glasses and aim to make us proud.  I love this little freckled face four eyes!

She's fore sure gunna rock selfie Sunday.