Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Warp

This past week I've felt myself feeling flustered.  As if my busy life and schedule hasn't allowed me to realize the harsh truth.  We've lived in our house for 6 months now. Which seems crazy and that reality has had me daydreaming 6 months down the road.  March 2015. That's when I panicked. I'm 6 short months away from raising a teenager and I'm freaking out.  He's a good kid and I'm trusting God blah blah blah there time to relax EVER?

I'm desperately grasping at answers that don't exist.  I have a death grip on his childhood and I'm getting weak.  It feels like yesterday that he told me he was going to be a rockstar when he grows up and get me front row seats to all his concerts.  Now he's asking to go to Middle School parties and dances and all I want to do is lock him in a bubble.  Maybe as a last ditch effort to freeze time.  It's getting harder and harder to keep him innocent.  Girls are starting to notice those brown eyes and I can only hope they don't melt the way I do when they gaze into them.  I don't know how much longer I can convince him that all girls have cooties.

He's a social guy and loves football games and parties.  I loved those things too when I was his age so I can easily talk myself down from the cliff there.  Recently he told me he preferred American Eagle over the Nike store and that's when a tiny part of me slipped into depression.


Teenagers like America Eagle.  I just can't.

I'm trying super hard to live in the moment and not think about how this time next year he will most likely be taller than me. Every milestone up to this point has been something to celebrate but I'm petrified of the teen years.  All I can hope is that I'm prepared.  That as his parents, we are equipped to handle this hurricane a brewing.  When his voice cracks for the first time how will I compose myself? I'm dead serious. I love his little boy voice. I'll cry when it's gone.

I'm publicly promising myself to remain calm.  He's growing up and I can't do anything about it.  Rockstar or not, I'll always be in the front row cheering my guts out for this kid.  Even though I often disagree, I'm honored God thinks I was the right choice to raise him.

That boy on the mound.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Perfect Ten

It's September which means that birthday festivities are among us! Holly turned 10 and her birthday is her everything. Somehow someway, she turned TEN.

This girl. I'm tellin ya. She's just so awesome and I want to slow time down so badly. Keeping her little is like trying to hold water in your hands.  She may be double digits now but she's still got some little girl left in her. She rides bikes and plays school. She loves sidewalk chalk and hates brushing her hair. She cries when it storms and misses me when I work.  This childhood ain't over yet so I'm gunna keep snapping memories and posting them to find someday when I'm missing my 10 year old.

Dear God,
Whatever happens from this day forward,  PLEASE don't let these freckles fade.
Thanks in advance.

Just like ever other year, Holly didn't ask for anything specific for her birthday. Just one thing. The same thing she always asks for: a kick ass party.

Okay so those are my words.  Sweet Holly girl just said "A SLEEPOVER!!!"

A sleepover is what Holly asks for every year but she always gets a firm NO.  Then we move on to plan B.  We've had some really awesome plan B's!  Read about them here:

9th birthday
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Those were some great parties. However, you only turn to double digits once so we up'd the ante and went with the sleepover party. Very little sleep was involved.

Her friends spoiled her rotten and it really was a blast.  They played school for hours and maxed the volume on the jambox the entire night. We ate s'mores , decorated pillow cases, painted nails, had a midnight snack and watched a movie.

Then the dance party resumed at 7am.

Here's the problem with trying to take a pic with a bunch of dancers and the photographer is their dance teacher...

Everyone wants to be in the front.

Holls, your first (and last) sleepover birthday party was worth the exhaustion! I'm so thankful for you. It's been a fantastic decade.  Cheers to being 10!

Happy birthday my sweet girl!