Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Winter is creeping in rather quickly which means only one thing and you know it.  Holidays?  Game on.  Fresh balsam candle lit, Christmas music playing, and DIY projects on deck.  As a kid, I specifically remember loving christmas season because everywhere you go people are generally happier.  I have harmony in my blood and angry people confuse me.  At Christmastime, everyone is smiling.  Strangers go out of their way to wish you Happy Holidays.  In the blistering cold, people will stop mid frostbite and dig in their pockets for change for the Salvation Army.  Starbucks workers step up their game tenfold and I don't care what anyone says, those red cups are magical.  Never do I see a canned food drive that doesn't make me want to clean out my entire kitchen and the Christmas lights?  OH the Christmas LIGHTS!

I never want to cheat on Thanksgiving with Christmas but I folded.  We have plenty to be thankful for and I DO love a good Thanksgiving day parade.  The whole day is one big basket of tradition for us and I can hardly wait.  I've been experiencing holidays with kids now for quite sometime and I can't put into words how much joy it brings me to see my siblings get a taste of Christmastime bliss with children.  And by bliss I obviously mean stress.  May they never forget to move the damn elf and remember to change the wrapping paper for santa.

A real text conversation between my sister and I:

Mandy:  Melrose stayed home sick today and her and Marlow are making their Christmas list.  Straight out of the American Girl catalog.  Mel said, "don't worry mom, we will ask Santa for all of this stuff because we know it's really expensive."  Help.

Me:  Let the stressful Christmases begin.  Don't worry it will die down in about 13 years.  Holly created a powerpoint Christmas list this year which includes:  a puppy, a hedghog, a trampoline, an iPad min, an apple laptop, uggs, and a NorthFace.  And those are just my faves.

Kids are the worse.

It's hilarious to me how much fun Christmas is.  Like the whole world is having a bangin' party for 2 months straight.  Kids are delusional and parents just laugh.  At least I do.  Of course, we work hard at teaching our kids the true meaning of Christmas but it's still hilarious when they hand you that list of complete delusion.  Every year I grow a little wiser when it comes to kids and Christmas and that's why I'm able to laugh at those lists.  They get wrapped up in the excitement too and it's ridiculously easy to reign them back in.  They also don't care what they ACTUALLY get Christmas morning (well, Sam kinda does).  Oh, and mom to mom:  Stay far far away from Ferbies.  I'm ready to dropkick this one sitting next to me right now.  There is no off button.  So.  You're welcome.

Last year, I wrote a post about being Thankful on Thanksgiving and it got 700 hits in one day.  I have no idea how or why but I know it made me smile.  I never know what the people of the blogosphere will like but if I was a bettin' lady, I would put my money on this video:

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmastime!