Thursday, October 16, 2014


As a kid, I loved to collect things.  Tiny things that served no purpose.  One of my best collections was one my sister and I had together. It was glass figurines from the Disney store. We got those suckers for every birthday and holiday and they sat perfectly on the hutch in between our twin beds. We never touched them because we respected the collection so much. I was roughly 10 years old when my little brother climbed that hutch and our entire collection came tumbling to it's death.

Luckily, I still had my candy caboodle to fill the ache in my heart.

I also collected pieces of candy, the tinier the better, and separated them into compartments of my caboodle. I justified this one by telling my family that I had us covered if we were ever trapped in case of a tornado. We would not die hungry. They made fun of me pretty hardcore but truth be told, they were so jealous.  As awesome as that caboodle was, it did not hold a candle to my Lisa Frank sticker collection.

My cousin, Jamie, and I regularly got together to trade everything Lisa Frank like it was our job. Unicorns leaping over rainbows and neon tiger cubs were life.  I know now that I'm getting old when I want to put sunglasses on every time I walk into Justice but feel squeals of excitement if I see a Lisa Frank folder.

Collections are so super funny to me.  Really even now they make me giggle.  Ironically,  I hate clutter and often get myself into trouble with my addiction to throwing things away.  But collections of the most random things? Highly entertaining.

A few years ago I was obsessed with collecting boxtops.  It got to a point where I would only buy snacks that had them.  (FYI certain fruit snack brands have 6 boxtops on every box!  You're welcome.)  This is not a joke.  I was super OCD about how they were cut and kept them all sealed in a Ziploc.  When the collection got to a respectable point, I sent them to school with my kids.  That day was always so bittersweet.  A mix of pride and grief.

Not all collections have to be so ridiculous.  Some of them I'll never tire of.  For example, sometimes I look at my kids' old report cards in the "report card tub" just for a smile.  We also collect school picture magnets from over the years and Stella plays with them like action figures.  Everyday I can't possibly collect enough hugs, I LOVE YOU's, stories and lululemon leggings.  And someone needs to cuts us off from the Pumpkin weigh station at Vala's because it looks like a giant gourd threw up in my house.  My fall decor has to be somewhere between candy caboodle and Disney figurine status.  With the amount of time all of our stuff spent in storage, our house didn't stand a chance this year.  It's a cheesy mess of pumpkins, scarecrows, and sunflowers.

Gage thought I was nuts when I asked him to cut a 2x4 up for me so I could make this.  Pretty sure I nailed it.

Sitting down to write this blog post has got me missing how often I used to write.  Stella's childhood is documented only here.  She has a frame on her bedroom wall with a picture of Holly in it simply because it's been years since I've printed pictures.  Sorry, 3rd child.  I'll blog more.  I'll take more pictures and eventually I'll print some.  In the very small amount of free time I have, we try to make memories but writing them down feels impossible at times. Stella begged me for weeks to find a pile of leaves for her to jump in.  I'm pretty sure they read a "leaf" book at preschool because we don't even have a tree.  When she told me she had an idea to have grandpa come over with some leaves like he's some sort of superhero that can make the impossible possible,  I knew she wasn't kidding.   I grabbed my camera and we headed to the park.

She literally can't get enough of that pose

If only we all had toddler problems.  Just think of how peaceful life would be if all you had to worry about was finding a big ass pile of leaves to jump in.  Or maybe that's all adults need?

It's a 3 day weekend, the trees are gorgeous, the weather is perfect and Valas is open for 15 more days.  I say stop to jump in the leaves today, friends!  Or if you are the reserved type, start a collection.  They are equally entertaining.  TGIT!