Monday, August 18, 2014


From this point forward I'm going to refer to Summer 2014 as "what the H-E-double hockey sticks was that!?" In fact, I'll just hashtag summer2014 in reference to every sucky thing.  Capeesh?

It's only funny because life in general is actually fantastic.  I really should explain that we have so much to be thankful for.  We love our house and adore Gretna.  We have met so many wonderful people that will definitely be life long friends. My kids are at an all time point of happiness.  Gage loves his job and has so much time left in his weeks for QT with us.  His hidden wood working talent has been our favorite lately.  Home improvement projects were our addiction before #summer2014 hit.  I also love coaching way more than I thought I would.  Gretna is really starting to feel like home. This town is so adorbs.

While I'm certainly not sad to see #summer2014 out the door, I can't deny the forever memories we've made.  In fact, I'm still smiling every time I think about Gretna Days.  Especially that parade. As faithful Labor Day Parade go-ers, I just can't get over how much the town respects that parade.  As they should.

I'm still overstimulated from the street dance so I'll skip that a one.  Maybe next year I'll be able to put that night (morning?) into words.

It was also our first time attending the Sarpy County Fair which only meant one thing: the animal scramble.  Yes, Holly caught a bunny.  Yes, we kept it.  For 2 days.  Then it headed to the bunny farm down the road.  Thanks, Zeleny's.  Like for everything.

I also spent nearly a week in Vegas which is always entertaining.  It was a total work trip and I mean TOTAL but I did get to experience my first Vegas nightclub.  Pretty sure we only got in because we had Brooke Buda with us.  (Hi, Buda!). She looked hot and fashion is not my kryptonite.  I stayed for 20 minutes then went to bed.  #summer2014

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 Clearly Holly had a fab summer.  She spent endless nights with friends while I was gone.

Nothing tragic happened this summer and we are better people right now, I'm sure of it.  I'm just exhausted.  God has certainly stretched me this summer.  Literally.  I worked what felt like 16 hour days.  My body is sore and my brain is fried.  But my heart is happy.  I didn't go to the pool or sleep in  (#summer2014) and I cried a lot.  I re-evaluated friendships and fell deeper in love with my husband.  I listened to friends share stories of their sucky summer and watched God carry them through some redic tough times.

Today is Monday and day 3 of the 2014-2015 school year.  I have a 4th grader and a 7th grader.  I also have a little girl who begs me to let her go to school everyday.

Oh, sweet child of mine.  This morning we slept in.  We watched morning cartoons and ate cheetos for breakfast.  In a few hours we are frickin going to the pool and we will probably be the only ones there.  Tonight I'm making dinner for the first time in forever (#summer2014) and everyone will eat it.  Sam and Holly will ride the bus home from school then ride their bikes around the neighborhood  till it's dark.  No case of the Mondays around here.  I'm calling today a win.

I'm thankful for #summer2014.  I have clear perspective going into this school year.  My work load has decreased tremendously and I'm excited for what's to come.  I love schedules and organization.  I also love consistency.  All of which are making an appearance in my life again!  My niece is expected to make her debut anytime now!  Holly turns double digits in 3 weeks and she's been planning this sleepover for 4 years.  I can almost smell the pumpkin flavored everything!!!! I promise I've never been this pumped for the Fall season.  Clearly I need to simmer down but #summer2014 will do that to ya.