Monday, May 12, 2014


My baby turned three last week.  I'm forcing myself to blog the memory of her 3rd birthday because before today I didn't take a single picture of her or buy her any presents.  Don't feel sorry for her though, I found an old unopened doll of Holly's that we wrapped up.  And the family spoiled her at her party.  Yes, we DID have a party. You can assume that we are in the middle of a home improvement project and as uncomfortable as that is for me, a little party never killed nobody.  So we went halfsies on the living room walls and invited family over to celebrate our 3 year old!  Worse part of the party was when everyone left and Stella bawled her eyes out.  She stood at the front door, screaming at everyone not to leave because then her birthday would be over.   It was super hard not to laugh especially when she said "I just want them to be happy for me!"  Umm okay, Stella.
You turned 3 not 16.

She's so awesome.

An open letter to my 3 year old:

Stella Rose,

You have no idea how much joy you have brought into our lives.  We love everything about you.  God sure knew what he was doing when you were born.  You make us all laugh everyday with the funny things you say.  You are such a mature and loving little girl.  I love how much your friends and family mean to you.  You REALLY love your people.   Everything you do is done with caution and well thought out.  You give amazing 5 minute hugs and love being outside.  When you get really excited, you cover your mouth with your fingers so delicately and it's adorable.  As girly as you are, you wear that crazy hair and raspy voice well.  I really can't believe that you are already 3! Time is going too fast.  I love my big girl Stella but miss my baby Stella.  As you grow, I'm amazed at your imagination.  I could watch you play all day long.  Right now, you have your princess toys lined up and I noticed you named them "Kenzie, Kayla, and Grandma."  See what I mean? You are hilarious!
This may have been the last year I can get away with re-gifting presents for you and I'm cool with that.  You're big now.  Even on the days you decide to "just wear a diaper." This mama don't care.  I'm soaking in every last second of childhood with you.  At 3 years old, your favorite things are Doc McStuffins, anything related to Frozen, and Fancy Nancy (hallelujah! I've missed her!).  Stella Rose, we all love you to the moon and back! I'm ecstatic to be your mommy. That's fancy for happy. :)

Happy birthday, Sunshine!

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