Monday, April 28, 2014


There hasn't been a whole lot to blog about lately other than the 15 million unfinished projects we got up in here.  We are head over heels in love with our new home and the entire town of Gretna.  There is a train that passes through faithfully that we've grown attached to and I decided my new life goal is to ride that choo choo.  CHOO CHOO!

So far, Stella's never met a train she didn't love so she FREAKS with excitement when she hears it.  Small town is fun.  However, I realized last week that I sincerely miss the employees at Stony Brook HyVee.  While I HAVE noticed that the Gretna Walmart is much less disgusting than the others, I really took for granted their helpful smile in every aisle.  I mentioned before that there is ONE teeny tiny grocery store in town and I've made one trip there for one item.  I'm almost positive I won't do that again.  There were 3 people in there (including me and the one employee) and they watched my every move. 

*Hi, other 2 people at McKinny's!  Yes, I already cooked that box of Mac and Cheese I bought on April 21st. 

We are still settling in and unpacking rather slowly.  Well.  Slowly in my eyes.  My family thinks I'm a ninja so they would probably tell a different tale.  Sam's room is up and running and it's pretty studly if I do say so myself.  The girls' rooms are 90% complete and that remaining 10% is driving me nuts.   Stella's room is a shabby chic theme and Holly's is not pink.  Every time I look in Holly's room, I'm reminded that she's not little anymore.  She's outgrown pink and has a giant mirror above her dresser for taking selfies.  I mean for getting ready.

Because it's totally out of my comfort zone to show you my unfinished projects, I'll start with Sam's man cave. Here's a quick basement tour where you'll find the play station always left on and the toilet seat always up:

Confession:  I haven't used my big girl camera since Christmas.  These pics were all taken with my iphone.  I'm sure you don't care but I kinda do.  So.  Glad that's out.

Hey, Son!  See that TV mount?  You're not getting one.  Sweet dreams!
I laugh every time I come down here and see our 32 in TV in what appears to be a custom made cabinet for a television WAY bigger than our budget.  Also, a new TV is at the very bottom of our priority list.  The far left corner is Holly's school area.  It's not finished either.

Those are some big empty walls.  I promise I won't leave them like that.
The man bath
Well, there ya  have it.  Post 1 of our new home.  Anyone is welcome to come over and if you head downstairs, do you mind doing me a solid and putting the toilet seat down?  Thanks, friends!

P.S. Hi, new neighbors!  Thanks for reading. :)

P.P.S. Sam is killing it on the field this year.  There is a dad of a boy on his team that is taking AMAZING pics at every game.  I can't even pretend to take credit for these photos.  I know you're on the edge of your seat so I'll share a few of my faves.  Also, their team's home field is 20 seconds from our house and that is obviously why it backs up to a corn field.  It's precious.

Maybe now I can fill those empty frames in his room!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Men

OMG I totally forgot to blog about Gage on his birthday!

April Fools.

You seriously think I would forget to toast to that stud?  I mean, I might be late but forget I will not.

Gage?  Since I'm throwing this sucker together on my phone and since I have zero pictures of you on it, the bar is set low.  However, as I sit in my eerily quiet new house and watch Stella walk around singing "Let it go" with a blanket tied around her neck like a cape, I'm thinking of all the reasons I'm grateful for you.  Holy Smokes there are a lot.

For example:

Thanks for giving our kids a shot at longer legs and better hair than I could give them.  Stella is freakishly tall for her age and it makes me super happy.  Cobb genes rule.

Also, thanks for moving me up in the alphabet.  I've never told you this but after being stuck in the middle for so many years, I feel really powerful being in the front and our kids rock that alphabetical order.  All props to you. C for life!

I'm also glad that you appreciate my daily wardrobe of leggings or sweats.  Comfort is key.  I used to think it was odd that you wanted to wear suits everyday but now that I'm older and wiser I think you're pretty fly for a white guy.

I also kinda dig your brain.  You're super smart and complicated and I find it attractive.  Thank you for literally knowing everything there is to know.

I love you and I like you.  No April foolin' there.

Happy (late) 33rd birthday, Sweets.

In related news: Sammy had a golden birthday on March 12th. I missed another GOLDEN blogging opportunity. Ba-dum-dum-CHING!

Anyway, he turned 12, we moved, he changed schools, he got a new room, he's making friends and loves his baseball team.  He's practically a teenager.  He's basically walking on water through life right now.

Here's a preview of his man cave:

We are still swimming in boxes around here so I'll be back when I can with more pics of this house that I frickin love.

Until then, Happy Birthday to my other Sweets!
Aunt Kenzie, we love you and your unborn child!!! 🎉