Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Olly's

It's Saturday and it's a beautiful day.  So, allow me to tell you about the most adorable friendship I know.  Those things are related, I promise.  

Holly and her best friend, Molly, met in preschool.  It started out slow but they now have a bond that can't be broken.  They are unstoppable together. They compliment each others personalities so well that I just know they are going to be BF's for life.  And, remember, mother knows best?  As "girl drama" begins to wedge it's way into their innocent little lives, I'm overjoyed to see that their friendship only proves itself more real.  These girls just genuinly love each other.

As I thought about describing their differences, it just made me smile.  In one word, Molly is popular and Holly is sensitive.  And they are both hilarious!   Molly likes to be cute and clean and Holly is a slob, which Molly thinks is funny. While Molly is usually the center of attention and laughs at her own jokes, Holly is dry and witty and super sarcastic. Also, they are both brutally honest.  If you know them, you should ask them how they met.  I die laughing.  Holly says "the worse part of preschool for me was Molly."  And Molly laughs.  They have inside jokes and "code names."  They appreciate each others humor and laugh at everything the other does.  When I see them interact with other girls, it's so heartwarming to see how much they look out for eachother.  They are protective and would never leave the other out.  This is the real deal.  Also, this is what I get for telling them I want to take their picture and for them to NOT look like stiff soldiers....

Just about everything Holly does for fun has to involve Molly in some fashion.  I never had a friendship like this growing up and it's just so precious to me.  Pretty much the only thing this friendship is missing is being in bike riding distance from eachother's houses.

Have no fear, girls.  The Mob's moving to Gretna!  This friendship ain't going no where anytime soon.  These girls love Jesus and He's the strand that makes them unbreakable.  Judge if you must but this morning I took a minute to sit in my car and bawl because I'm so overwhelmed with God's goodness.  Seriously somebody pinch me.

Pool parties at the Zeleny's 'erday this summer!

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  1. After Molly shared their concern over the possibility of the "pickle" being cancelled, I wanted to write a blog about them!!!! I wish I could add this to my blog roll. Well written. You describe them so well!