Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fake School

Holly loves school. She's an excellent student and so far, every year she is the teachers pet.  When she's not at school, she loves to dance.  When she's not at dance,  she's playing school.

A few months ago we discovered that her and Melrose had taken this game to an extreme level.  They call it "fake school" yet they approach it with extreme seriousness.  Basically, it's exactly like real school but with only 2 people.  When they refer to fake school, it's nothing short of hilarious.  Melrose randomly says things like "yesterday at fake school, I only missed one on my spelling test."  Or "I hope we have art today in fake school."   It's also not easy for Mandy and I to stay composed when Melrose refers to the substitute at fake school.  It's basically a stricter version of Holly who has a different fake name.  They take it so dead serious.

Since we are in the middle of a move, I've been cleaning all of Hollys fake school stash (thanks Juju) and have found some real gems.

This is my favorite:

Also my fave, the "permission slip"  Holly made Mandy sign so Melrose could take art class.  Which I noticed had Mandys' legit signature on it. 

I promised holly a classroom at the new house complete with chalkboard paint and her own storage closet. Gretna is a bit of a drive but I'm confident Ms. Cobb will find a way for Mel to take her spelling pre-test every Monday .

These two girls have no idea how much they are going to miss each other.  Consider this post "part 1 of 2."  I'll be back once the new classroom is photo ready and fake school is back in session.

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