Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Inside the Circus: Part 3

Apparently I've lost my knack for blogging.  I've also lost my knack for exercising and eating healthy.  I was totally on a roll there but I figure at this point, I might as well finish 2013 with a belly full of sugar and spice and everything nice.

I actually love blogging so I'm not real sure why I've fallen off the train.  Maybe it's just that everything I would write about seems so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  So?  After 3 attempts to write about insignificant topics, I've deleted my drafts and landed on what you really want to hear.

Last week marked one year since we moved into the 11 ring circus.  It's mind blowing how fast a year goes.  We have already started plans to move up and out but I think we can all agree that 2013 is a year to remember.  It's amazing that when you pack away all your possessions, how much thicker God's presence is.  Most of our stuff is in storage and we haven't even seen 80% of our belongings for a year.  All that's left is what matters.  What REALLY matters.  Each other, clothes (cuz without them we would be naked) and beds to sleep in.  (and a TV to watch Scandal)  

We felt God's push to move in with my sister's crew and when things starting happening super fast, we were confident that God had plans that would eventually make sense.  We knew the obvious: we would save loads of money and we would have loads fun.  We knew there would be struggles:  parking on the street, kids fighting, unending laundry, etc.  What we DIDN'T know is all the behind the scenes stuff God had up his sleeve.  How He had plans to change our hearts and develop our kids' character into something beyond what we are capable of.

We didn't know that Mandy and Mike would be led to homeschool Melrose or that Mike would get back into teaching.  We also didn't know that God would provide a new job for Gage that would change the course of our future in amazing ways.  He's planted new dreams and is paving the way for them to be fulfilled.  We had no idea that Sammy and Holly, being the oldest, would be so humbled and eternally grateful for such small things.  They are living in a world filled with greed and envy at every turn but this last year has changed their hearts.  It's something that no amount of "BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE" talks could cure.  My heart for them is to be humble and God did that in a way only he could.    They are super cool kids and I'm so honored to be their mom.

I've talked forever about how badly I want twins someday and I had no idea that God gave them to me already in the form of Stella and Mayzie.  I know I've joked about how I want to take Mayzie with us when we move out but I'm like 75% serious.  Her and Stella's relationship is the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life.  Mayz gets the first spendy at the Cobb's house.

The 4 of us adults have talked for the last year about how we need to write a "you know you live with 11 people when..." list so I promise to get something going here soon.  Also to come?  A video blog.  Part 4 of Inside the Circus will hold plenty of entertainment.

Super sorry about the Halloween pics that are 2 months late but can we all just agree that this was worth the wait?

Lately I've been overwhelmed with how many hits CobbMobb has been getting.  I don't even have that many friends so I feel I owe it to the blogosphere to write more.  Perhaps, a deeper look into the kids' personalities and conversations.  In fact, just the other night Gage said he would hate to go head to head with Marlow in an orange juice drinking competition which gives me an idea!  I'm creating the bracket in my head now.  

Until next time!  

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