Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

After 4 days full of Christmas celebrations, things are temporarily settling down.

Santa came and conquered and we gave Jesus one heck of a birthday bash.  It was filled with family, fun, food, presents, Apothic, and the first annual dance wars.

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Just like every other year, this was Sammy and Holly's best Christmas ever and Stella has quickly caught on to the magic of Christmas.  The weather has been beautiful since December 25th so hoping that means we are getting the opposite of last winter.  Remember?  The winter that lasted till May.  Or did you block it out just like I tried and failed?

Anyway.  Chirstams photos:

Before going any further, I should inform you of a minor camera tragedy that I still don't completely understand.  All I know is that I lost most the pictures I took but my camera is totally fine.  You're going to have to use your imagination....

On the Eve of the Eve we had our annual Munnelly/Cavanaugh party and Stella participated in the ghetto but adorable Christmas pageant.  She was an angel and somehow ended up the leader of the group circling around sweet baby Jesus.  She REALLY held up the line until finally getting lapped several times.  Mama's little slowpoke. Can you picture it?

Christmas Eve starts early with the Mickells gathering.  Always a fan favorite.  Stella got lots of dress up stuff and the target snowman cup she's been wanting for a month.  Sam got a NEON hoodie that he threw on immediately and Holly got cute clothes and stilts (!!!!).  If you know Holly at all, you understand that she's been giving me minor heart attacks every day since opening those stilts.  Santa showed up with gifts and I took pictures that later disappeared in the wind.

We then went to my favorite Christmas Eve service EVER and Alli Bryant killed the vocals on 'O Holy Night.'  Ya da bomb, girl.  #chills.

We rolled the night out by having fun with the Munnelly crew.  Everything about Christmas Eve was perfect except that Gage had the flu.  That part was a total bummer. 

Christmas morning was one we'll never forget.  We had a blast sharing it with the Mixan's.

11 stockings were hung by the fireplace with care

We opened gifts together, ate breakfast together and drank hot chocolate by the fireplace.  And we did it all before 8am.  

After about an hour of watching the kids play with their new stuff and listening to Mayzie crush it on her new Karaoke machine, we headed over to grandpa and grandpa's house for brunch and more presents.  We had a great day and were so happy to have spent it with everyone.  It's the first year that Uncle Tommy and Aunt Betty were here with their kids.  They are officially moved homaha!

The day after Christmas, we celebrate with my mom's immediate family.  We ate my favorite meal of all time, Corn Beef and Cabbage and we were all surprised with a family Mahoney trip this summer.  It was a great ending to a great Holiday.

A girl after my own heart. 
Well, those pictures made me smile all over again.  Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. We are so thankful that Jesus came on the first Christmas to save us! Happy birthday, JC.

Now we ring in the new year! 2K14, I love you already!

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