Monday, November 25, 2013


November.  It's the season of thanks.  I'm thankful for everything you're thankful for.  Ya know, family, friends, health, etc. Aren't we all?  Of course!

When I started to really dig into what thanksgiving means, it started to feel like so much more than the obvious.  Free defines thanksgiving as a celebration of acknowledgment of divine favours.

Divine is one of my favorite words.   Ever since I read my first Fancy Nancy book. It means sacred.  Set apart.  The word "celebration" represents something worth remembering and "acknowledgment" is the act of recognition.  And my favorite part: favour.  Favour is a formal spelling of "favor" but has the same meaning.  I looked it's British.  The Brits are always fancier.

Anyways, I believe that from time to time, we are handed gifts from God.  Not because we did anything to deserve them because let's face it, we don't.  We are just handed things because he loves us.  Sometimes I will buy something to surprise my kids simply because I want to see the excitement on their face.  I think most things in life we have to work for, but sometimes we are given favour.  Like favors, but from the Lord.

SO, this Thanksgiving, my eyes are opened.  I see all of God's favour over my life and acknowledge all He has graciously provided me.  I don't deserve any free gifts but I think He likes to see the excitement on my face too.

I'm super pumped to eat turkey with my most favorite people and celebrate this life with them!  And when the green bean casserole settles and the pumpkin bars are gone, buckle up.  Santas got big Black Friday plans.

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi Omaha!!! I'm writing because I'm super proud of us today.  We have a spectacular city that keeps getting better and this past weekend was arguably one of the best I've ever had.

The Gretna outlet mall has opened for business and it's amazing.  It's been open for 4 days now, I've already made 2 trips there and have bought a total of zero things.  Never mind the fact that the lines were so long to GET INSIDE the stores, I saw lots of other people buying great things!  I'll totally be back and promise to contribute to the revenue.  I heard the mall made over 1million the first day!  Go O! (G).

What's even cooler than that?  The dinner detective!  Gage and I went to the Dinner Detective on Saturday night and it was FOR SURE the best date we've ever had.  It is exactly what its sounds like and my face hurt from laughing.  Once you get past the police tape and sit at your table, you write down a fake name on your name tag and TRUST NO ONE.  You have no idea if the people at your table are dinner guests or actors.  There is a fake murder, comedy, and prizes.  There is only one official winner of the entire game because they have to guess both the killer AND the motive (which I never did fully understand).  The clues were statement's, social security cards, office memos, ect.  It was intense.  Gage AKA Stefano loved that part.  It was also funny.   Missy AKA Marlena loved that part.

It should come as no surprise when I tell you that the ONE winner was Gage Stefano.    His prize was a full DVD series of Alfred Hitchcock which coincidentally he DVR's, a rad coffee mug, and most importantly:  a ticket to come back!  We talked about how much fun it was all day Sunday.  Bravo, Omaha.

If you're not into that type of thing, it may just be that my appreciation for the script at Dinner Detective was heightened because I am currently determined to watch every single episode of Scandal in record time.  I didn't even watch Grey's Anatomy last week because I was too distracted by Fitz and Olivia's forbidden love.  I think I'm succeeding.

In summary, go to the Nebraska Crossing Outlets, you will not be disappointed but you WILL stand in line.  And when looking for a fun date, make reservations for The Dinner Detective.  Be sure to bring a date that loves to laugh and is either:
1. A lawyer or 2. obsessed with murder mysteries

Have a happy Monday!