Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beyond the noise

Something you already know about me is that I like funny.  Laughing is my favorite.  I married the man that made me laugh the hardest and we made 3 hilarious children.  Our kids are all different kinds of funny.   Sammy loves to make perfectly calculate jokes and because he's sort of shy, he's always attracted to the funniest friends.  Holly's humor is genius.  It's dry and witty and always unique.  This girl don't need Mr. Google for her one-liners.  Stella makes us laugh because she's the first 2 year old I've seen to act like she's a grown woman.  So in a nutshell, we love laughter. 

FUN FACT: During the above photo, Sam and Holly were both mad that I was trying to take pictures and they were NOT cooperating.  I told them to sit on that bench so I could test the lighting.  Right when I snapped the pic to "test the lighting," Gage stuck an enormous tree branch through my legs.  


Even though it would feel good to laugh all the time, everyday, that's not reality.  As tempting as it is to end this post with laughter and adorable pictures, you would miss my point.  Stick with me, I think God is speaking to me but it's usually really hard for me to hear beyond the noise.

A few years ago, I heard God speak in a way He never had before.  To me at least.  He woke me up and urged me to pray for Gage.  So I did.  I don't even remember what I was praying or why but it was intense.  I stopped praying suddenly when I HEARD God speak.  I actually heard his voice.  It was loud and booming yet somehow gentle and loving and has forever been the most powerful thing my ears have ever heard.  The moment I heard it, my hand shot up as if to reach for the sky and Gage (who I thought was sleeping) grabbed my hand almost simultaneously.  When the moment was over, I looked over and saw that Gage was most definitely snoring logs.  I woke him up and explained the whole thing and he had no idea what I was talking about.  

After that morning, I felt supernatural.  I had an immediate deeper understanding of Gods power and never wanted to feel anything less than that moment.  Well.  I'm sure you can only imagine my level of disappointment when I didn't hear it again.  I begged God to speak to me and I promised to listen.  He was silent.  Or so I thought.  

I remember driving one day and was struggling with not hearing from God.  Because of what I knew about Gods promises, I starting praying that He would do even better than before.  I wanted to hear from Him, but rather than hearing a booming voice form the sky, I wanted Him to call me by name.  I wanted to know that he hadn't forgotten about me.  Right as I prayed, I found myself at a red light directly behind a car whose license plate read: MKC.  My full initials.

Pretty much every day I struggle with the busyness of life and I know I'm not alone.  Every mommy I know needs more hours in the day.  From needing more time with our kids after school to another hour of sleep or some much needed alone time.  The days are full and it's not slowing down.  But the truth is, I sometimes feel guilty for thinking that being busy isn't always a bad thing.  God can still speak beyond the noise.  He's a creative God and He doesn't forget about us.  I see him everywhere but only when I look for him.  I see God in the faces of my children and I feel him through the relationships I form at work. He can be anywhere you want him to be.  

So.  If I'm hearing God correctly and I'm pretty sure I am.  He is giving me grace to be busy.  And maybe you too.  I think he is urging me to spend less time stressing over my family's busy schedules and making it run smoothly.  God can meet us at dance and baseball and in the kitchen making dinner or even at the drive through restaurant.  He shows up at school and work and when I ask him, he calls me by name in the car.  He gives me scripture through an unprompted convo with a friend and brings just the person to me at just the right time.  When I need a hug, he knows who will give me one that counts.  When I need encouragement, it always comes.  

Last week at our church, prophetic words were flying and I boldly asked God to speak to me.  This is a pattern in my life, clearly! I was 100% confident that God would grant my request and I patiently waited for my word.  Sometimes my mind would wonder about HOW I would hear from God and I started analyzing everything I heard.  After several services, I started to give up.  Not in a bad way though.  I just figured God might not have anything specific for me right now and I needed to be encouraged by everyone else's testimony.  Pretty much the second that thought ended, I got my word.  Through Gage.  I didn't see it coming and it was even sweeter than I could have ever imagined.  It was the most brilliant encouragement and I literally became undone.  

God can meet us anywhere and at any moment.  All we have to do is be ready and willing.  He LOVES catching us off guard.  I love it too.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Favorites

Well, Fall has certainly fallen so here's what's HOT and what's NOT with the Cobb's this season...

Hot:  Vala's Pumpkin Patch

It's stupid expensive to go only once so we splurged on season passes.  It's been worth every penny mostly because we refuse to NOT get our money's worth.  We recently got Stella to ride the adorable ponies and found out that the little goat by the scarecrow band escapes.  So beware.  We also hit up the "haunted" houses, John Deer tractors, story book village, paintball, graveyard golf, bonfire and obviously the corn pit.  We still have to do the apple sling shot, see the pig races and go on the hayrack ride.  We also refuse to finish the season without trying one of those $5 s'mores.  You're killing us, Vala's!

Not hot:  Vala's parking lot

Panicked parents, gravel roads and dirty cars are not really my cup of tea.  Also not hot?  Car troubles.  I use the term "trouble" losely because when you full blown jump your car with cables only to find out that it's in drive, it's not really trouble at all.  It's also not considered "car trouble" when you try starting your car with keys to a different car.  That my friends, is certainly NOT hot.

Props goes to Sarah Ludacka for putting up with me.

Hot: Cross Country

Sammy ran this fall for Russell and he loved it.  It amazes me how much he loves running.  No clue where he gets it from.  We loved that cross country wasn't a huge commitment because we already have plenty of those.  We also REALLY loved that it's free!  We did NOT have any of those activities yet.  He plans on doing it again next year and we look forward to many more 5K races until then.  The kid is addicted.

Not:  Football

Although much better than last season, the KWAA Chiefs have quite the reputation.  For loosing.  Sam is not loving it so much this year and mostly because he misses baseball. He regrets not playing fall ball and claims that this is his last season of football.  FOR-EV-ER.  Mama is not sad.

Hot:  Rainbow Looms

Although I'm still a little irritated that this genius idea what not my own, I give major ups to the Loom inventor.  You have convinced every child, both male and female, that these tiny colored rubber bands are highly fashionable.  And according to Stella, can be worn so many different ways.  Also, because a package of colored rubber bands really shouldn't be and can't be sold for more than $4, I will buy several.  These tiny pieces of gold also keep my children of 3 completely different ages and genders playing together nicely and quietly for hours on end.  Brilliant.

Not:  Rainbow Looms

Have I mentioned that Holly is a total slob?  Organized is not part of her vocab.  So Holly + 2 rainbow loom cases FULL of miniature rubber bands + 2 toddlers on the loose + her lack of attention to detail + a slightly OCD mother = NOT HOT

Hot:  "Annie"

As in the 1982 movie.  Stella watched it for the first time over the summer and it was love at first sight.  Of course she loves a practically black and white old fashioned musical.  Be still my heart.  It makes complete sense.   She even requested to be Annie for Halloween.

The convo went like this:  "Mommy, I want Annie's dress and Annie's shoes!"  After my heart skipped a beat, I replied with "only if you promise to wear Annie's hair."

you'll never guess what she's watching...

Not:  Watching Annie at 7:00 in the morning. 
Not:  Watching Annie when she should be napping
Not:  Watching Annie at 10pm and/or 11pm.
Not:  Putting Stella in timeout when she's screaming "I WANT TO WATCH ANNIE!"

Hot:  life group

Being surrounded by great friends that care and pray.  It feels good and we are blessed.  Mandy, Shireen, Anna, Elisha, Deanna, and Lauren.  You gals and your hubsters are gifts in our lives during this season of life.  Also hot is Sarah Zeleny.  Figuratively and literally.  For being a great friend that I can count on 24/7.  Speaking of friends, Alli Bryant I haven't seen you in like A MONTH and I'm starting to have withdrawals.  Strike class Monday?  I'll bring an inhaler, JIC (just in case).

Not:  life decisions

Buying houses, selling houses, having 2 houses, having no houses, save money or spend money?   Questions that are not going anywhere and we are dangerously close to making decisions but not close enough to risk them being the wrong decisions.  Being grown up is tough and even though it's crazy hard to trust there is a perfect plan for us, I'm so so thankful that we are surrounded by praying friends and family who care for us. And THAT is my most favorite fall fact.