Friday, September 20, 2013

We caved

Dear faithful readers,

It's official. My kid is the proud holder of a brand new cell phone.  I fought the temptation and his pleas for months but I could hold out no longer.  It took much more convincing for Gage because Mr. Context is a firm believer in "the good 'ole days" and the importance of healthy communication.

After many MANY discussions on this matter, the giant middle school and even larger high school football games that have made their way into our lives have proven their point. We need quick and easy texts messages just to know where our kid is more often than not.  It's overwhelming but it's our life now and I better get used to it.

Since we decided the extra phone line was a must, we also decided that we might as well go big or go home.  SOOOO....

On this significant day in our lives and in the world of technology, allow me to introduce the iPhone 5C. It's plastic and pretty and marketed towards clumsy spoiled teenagers.  Damn you, Apple, and your genius ways.

Sammy sold his iPod to pay for the phone itself and wants to babysit Stella to earn a taste of our shared data.  As of right now, it's WiFi only, kiddo.

I still can't believe I'm even old enough to deal with cell phones and high school football games. Probably because I'm not.  I don't know anyone else my age that acts like a complete lunatic on Friday nights at Millard West football games because they are trying to find their kid in a sea of inappropriateness.  Half naked middle schoolers covered in body paint with their faces buried in their iPhone is not what I signed up for at age 31.

Even though I've lived in Millard for 7 years now, I'm a born and raised South-O girl.  I'm still adjusting to this part of town where streets are named after men with unfortunate names like "Harry Anderson" and "Bob Boozer."  Well played, Millard. Well played.  Don't think I didn't notice the irony.

The good news is that I find myself praying 24/7 that I don't screw up my kid.  I admire the person he is and I KNOW it's not because of who I am.   God gave me this life and He has my back.  I find comfort in knowing that.

Pretty sure he's telling his first phone call (grandma) that his mom is being niiiice and embarrassing.

We have lots of rules with the new phone so pending our approval, you can follow the journey a little closer on Instagram.  We let Sammy and Holly both get accounts this summer and they have proven to be very responsible and respectable.  And funny.  I love funny.

They change their user names like every 4 seconds but if you hurry, this is what they are right now:

Sammy @sammyc44
Holly @rainbowloomholly

Thanks for reading.

AKA too young for this crap

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