Monday, September 9, 2013


Holly Kay Kay-

Today you are 9.  It's your golden birthday!  You only get one of those in a lifetime.  I love how much you love your birthday.  It only makes sense considering how much you love living.  In fact, your most recent goal is to live to see triple digits.  You would be one awesome 100 yr old lady!  Your family would be so lucky to keep you for that long.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy every second of your last year in the single digits.

I don't think you know how funny you are yet but someday you will realize it.  You have the very best sense of humor and you make us laugh all the time!  Sometimes I wish I was as funny as you.  Your quit wit and dry humor are a solid combination.  People just love you, Holly.  You're super easy to love. 

Your heart is precious and you love your people with every ounce of your being.  You are kind and empathetic and your friends are so lucky.  You are definitely an includer and I admire that quality in you.   You love Jesus and receive His love over your life daily.  You are committed to Him.  I can see it through your life and I hear it in your heart when you ask me about Him.   At such a young age, your heart is so mature.  You beg me to take you to India or Costa Rica or any 3rd world country on a consistent basis.  Even though I would much rather go to Disney World, I LOVE that your heart is pulling you to the nations.

You are so talented and special, Holly Kay.  I love being your mom!  Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

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