Friday, August 30, 2013


Let's talk about something other than Middle School.  Cool?

I've really fallen off the blogging train over the summer and cobbmobb was in need of an update.  I think the new layout will do for now but I won't even pretend that I know how to recover the old one.  I'm going to make this one work at least until I'm able to pull out the big girl camera again and update the family photo.  A bit of a sore subject if you must know.   I have managed to break my THIRD Nikon dslr by dropping it.  Perhaps if they weren't such an awkward shape, I could get a better grip! Speaking of updates, I haven't provided any recent news of Sweet Stella Rose.  Oh, Sweet Stella Rose.  My little hot head.  The real reason for this post.

Stella got the nickname "perfect Stella" early on in life and it's definitely NOT because she is actually perfect.  It's because she acts like she is.  She's a little woman.  A prim and proper perfectionist.  In fact, she is 2 inches from the screen as I type this watching every letter appear.  She has a large attention to detail and is very fond of anything structured or organized.

Stella appreciates all forms of beauty from the birds in the sky to her toe nails getting a fresh coat of paint.  She has the most adorable deep raspy voice that I hope she never grows out of.  She's so petite and girly and when she talks I die laughing at her man voice.  She loves to sing (I think simply because Mayzie does) and she has a legitimately terrible singing voice.  Poor thing sounds like she needs a Netti Pot every time.  At least she's way too young to realize that Mayzie can carry a tune freakishly well.  She can also count to 10 as long as we help her with the last 2 numbers and remind her that 40 does not come after 8.  Even though Stella is a germaphobic perfectionist, she still has a great sense of humor because she loves to laugh.

So that's the good news.

The bad news is that she proves herself to be in the terrible two's everyday.  Climbing out of bed and taking off her own diaper are only minor daily battles.  Lately she has been putting her pants on OVER her naked booty.  Even this doesn't prepare me for the elmo undies that have been in her drawer since Christmas.  Someone please tell me I'm not alone.  Potty training sounds 120% miserable.  Diapers are FAR easier than taking a toddler to the bathroom every 30 minutes. I'm thinking a 3 day holiday weekend is just what Stella and Mayzie ordered.  However, if potty breaks interfere with our beloved Labor Day parade, were bringing diapers for backup.  Just sayin'.

Why, yes, that IS a naked booty and BOTTOMLESS
potty chair in the LIVING ROOM.   Nice try, Stella Rose.

Stella also has a slight obsession with seat belts and buckles of all sorts.  Seat belts, car seats, life jackets, carts at the grocery store?  Yes, they all cause a tantrum.  Keys?  Tantrum.  Iphones?  Tantrums.  Strollers?  MAJOR tantrum.  Food?  She's not a fan.  Wearing shoes that actually fit?  Why?  Holly's flip flops are MUCH cooler without that "baby" strap on the back.

Being 2 brings natural challenges.  Even with a gem like Stella.   She's easy 75% of the time and extremely difficult the other 25%.  I melt when she plays with her babies and I shriek with humiliation when we leave the gym and she's clawing my face because we can't stay to go "wooming."  At nap time she hugs me and says   "I love you mommy"  and when she needs disciplined its "I need my daddy!"  Leaving the gym is usually a time she "needs" her daddy.

In other great news, this ain't our first rodeo with a kid like Stella.  She's Sammy all over again.  That means we are armed and prepared to raise Stella into a lady of God.  It's hard work but I'm honored to be her mommy.

Doesn't mean I don't THANK JESUS everyday for my precious, innocent, life loving, easy going, bracelet making, birthday party planning, dancing for joy, so so easy to parent, baby Holly.  Holly is my breath of fresh air.  My almost 9 year olds update is next.

Also, I'm thinking about inventing an otterbox for the dslr camera.  Genius?  I think so!  Look for me on shark tank.

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