Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm going to call this the 'better late than never' post.  Summer time is usually pretty busy for us but this one will go down in history.   We've had almost no down time but I'm always amazed that people care about my blog updates.  Thanks for reading, friends!

First up, Nebraska Dance recital 2013.  The week that makes your head spin.

Holly's ballet dance.  This gaudy beatuiful costume was Holly's favorite. 

The ND recital was a blast as usual.  By day 7 of our 12 hour days, we have usually passed exhaustion and hit dillerium.  Since it gets harder as shows go on to weasle energy out of the kids, I'll share with you one of my favorite moments.  I'm going to get in trouble for this one for sure.... (not really).

Ladies and Gents, my boss:

Love you, Steph!  (crazy face ;s)

This little "energy circle" was pretty classic backstage.  If you were in the audience, you may have heard  the roar of laughter from behind the curtains.  Aside from Steph and Mandy doing their jazz dance from 1990, my favorite was Holly's face from her front row to the Tanner show...

classic on so many levels

My job is as fun as it looks.  Even when we are so tired that everything looks blurry. 

Holly had auditions last week for an amazing new program we've created for 3rd and 4th graders.  I want to cry with excitment for next year.  I'm sure there will be lots of new memories made on the new "Core" program but I can't deny the fact that I felt choked up about Jumpstart coming to an end.  It was a fantastic 2 year run.

Proof of how much Holly adores Kathy.

Twin audience members: Mayzie, Stella, and uncle Mike's bicep.  Also,  TWO MORE DAYS TILL MOMMY AND ME!!!

Since Jumpstart is officially over for Holly, she has passed the torch off to Melrose.  Mel thrives on competition so we have no doubt that she will love every single second.  Can't wait to see both of these girls on the competition stage next year!

Once recital week ended, we had exactly zero days to recover before wedding week began.  Even though Mandy and I felt slightly disconnected from all the planning, we were able to jump right in to the excitement.  We had plenty of fun girly things planned for the week and Mackenzie did not fail to entertain us.

Take her or leave her, Blake!

The wedding was the most beatiful wedding ever.  Since she married THE PK of the church, it was huge and extravagant and breathtaking.  Big screens and all.  Blenzie rocked June 8th like it was their job. 

Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp
P.S. Kenze, why is this picture blurry?  I stole it off your FB page.

All the kids were in the wedding, which was wild but fun.  They had the time of their life and were so excited to hear (quote) "Pastor Les announce them Uncle Blake and Aunt Mackenzie."  It's a day no one will ever forget and we were honored to be a part of it.

Since the wedding, I turned 31.  When your birthday falls on Father's Day (which it did) you may find yourself at the CWS looking at hats (which I did).  Even though I shared the day with my daddy (happy fathers day, daddy) and my husband (you're my favorite), the day was spectacular.  It was the first day that FELT like summer.  It was the first day I got into a pool and putting on a swimsuit was not as terrifying as I thought it would be.  Turning 31 feels great too.  Nine more years till I'm 40!

I also want to blog about our journy through select baseball this season, but I better not.  Just know that I have LOTS of material that is not approriate for the internet.  Speaking of my favorite boy ever, he is competing in a triatholon this weekend.  He's super excited and so am I.  I will try my best to blog about it before I go to Daytona next week.  Oh BTW, I'M GOING TO DAYTONA NEXT WEEK!!!!!

ND = Nebraska Dance
PK = Pastor's kid
CWS = College World Series
BTW = by the way

You're welcome, grandma.

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