Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clap out

It's the first official day of summer which means that my baby boy completed his Elementary school years.  It's tradition at Willowdale for the whole school, along with parents and siblings, to line up outside the 5th grade classrooms all the way out the doors of the building.  Once the bell rings on that last day of school, we join together clapping the 5th graders out for the last time.  I cry every frickn' year and I don't even know those kids.  Until this year.  I was completely prepared to bawl my eyes out but I was surprisingly very composed.  It's probably because I'm buried in the middle of recital week (consisting of 7 rehearsals and 7 shows).   I haven't had time to let it sink in that he's now a middle schooler.  I cringe at that thought. 

Sammy and his BF Aaron aka "A-a-ron"

The last week was filled with fun, sending his class out with a bang.  Starting with human health and development videos.  Mercy.

Sorry about that kids.  Now who wants to go to the YMCA for a party?

Clever, I must say.

After the 5th grade farewell party at the Y, they had a super fun field day and hilarious wax museum. What's a 5th grade wax museum you ask?  Twist my arm.  I'll tell you.

They were required to research a historical character, dress up like them, pose like a wax version of that character, and rattle off their speech when civilians (parents) walk by at the "museum" AKA school lobby.  Sam chose Jackie Robinson. 

Don't let the stance fool you.  This was the most frozen I saw this kid the entire time.  It lasted about .4 seconds.  He DID memorize his speech though.  The wax musuem was very educational!

crushing a sponge at field day

I guess it's not time to be sad about his Elementary years being over.  I mean it IS summer.  There is never time for sadness in summer.  Check back with me when August rolls in and the reality hits.  Even though it doesn't feel real, I have myself a middle schooler.

Now grab your zit cream and let the awkward years begin.  

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