Monday, April 8, 2013

Boy on fire

Q:  What's better than meeting the Harlem Globetrotters and 2 baseball victories in one weekend?


A: A spur of the moment baptism.

Sammy commited his heart to the Lord at a young age and his faith is so strong and so real.  He started asking me about baptism a few weeks ago and when we found out that there was going to be scheduled baptisms in church, he definitely wanted to skip his usual Sunday school routine to come watch in the "big church."  (He's called it "big church" since he could talk).  The baptisms were amazing as always and as soon as there was a call for the unplanned baptisms to take place, I could feel him squirming in his seat.  I could tell he wanted to go so I told him I would walk with him if he wanted.  He didn't even respond to me, he just shot up (BAREFOOT!) and scurried down the isle.  He was the only person down there that left their shoes at their seat.  This kid was ready to roll.

I've watched that video a couple hundred times and it chokes me up every time.  I still can't believe that I get to be this kids mom.  I'm amazed at God's faithfulness.  Part of being a grown up means you will have moments of weakness and periods of discouragement.  In those times, I love when God uses our children's pure faith to let us know how much He loves us.  My kids remind me that we are to have faith like a child.  Life is not perfect but God is.  Kids get that.  Adults complicate and justify things.  God is always teaching me through my kids.  His love for us and his desire to walk through life WITH us is simple.  It's not complicated and there's no catch. 

Last night, we went out for my little sister's 21st birthday!  (I know that was a random change of subject but just stick with me).  I pray with my kids every night before bed and we weren't home for bedtime last night.  Therefore, Holly decided to text me her prayer from her Ipod right before she went to bed.

It might be safe to assume that Suri doesn't know Jesus.  She auto corrected his name. 

I'm heading into this week with a little extra encouragement that came straight from JC, through my kids, and into my heart.  It feels good.  So take that, "deval."

Now everyone, please have safe drives today.

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