Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th!

To my birthday boy-

I can't believe you are 11 today! It's crazy how fast the years have gone. I was so young when you were born but it still feels like yesterday.  I have loved every single second of being your mom.  Every day I fall more in love with you. You bring me so much joy and I am so proud of you. Really really proud. 

I hope this next year is the best you've ever had.  I'm so happy for you to be living your dream of being a part of a select baseball team.  You wanted that for so long and worked so hard to achieve your goal.  I'm so proud of you for always giving 100% at practice and I know you are going to have a great season!  (Mother knows best).  I'm less than thrilled about Middle school in the fall, but I know you're excited so that makes it easier for little 'ol me.  Also, I think it goes without saying, that you are majorly pumped for our family to buy a house closer to your school and friends in the very near future.   Eleven should be plump full of awesomeness.

We had a blast last weekend celebrating you.  I knew it would be hard to top the Minnesota Trip from last year but I do believe we succeeded.  I love that when I asked you what you wanted to do, you said you wanted to go to the Midtown Theater.  That place was a blast! It's not every day you get to push a button and order dinner AT the movies.  You have good taste, kid. 

Burger: check.  3D glasses: check.  Sit on your mom's lap to cuddle during the movie: check.
My favorite part of the weekend was definately when we took you shopping.  I'm fairly confident that I have never been in a dressing room with you before and that's something I will never forget.  I hope you are loving your "feels like I'm on a cloud" shorts today and I KNOW you are rocking this Tshirt:

I don't know what that saying means and don't care.  You wanted it because it says "mom" on it and that's all that matters.

Sammy boy, when I think about how you came into this world it makes my heart smile.  You were as "unplanned" as unplanned can get.  At least to us you were.  To God, you were perfectly knit together in my womb.  You were a part of God's story from the beginning.  Although, I fell away from God's perfect plan, He turned my greatest devastation into my greatest blessing. You, my love, always have been THE picture of Gods grace in my life.  It was eleven years ago today when I finally excepted Gods forgiveness on my life in an area that felt unforgivable.  For 9 months I carried you and for 9 months I couldn't picture myself holding a perfect and healthy baby boy.  I tried, but it just didn't add up in my head.  It wasn't until March 12, 2002 at 3:30am, when I saw you for the first time.  At that moment, tears fell down my face uncontrollably and I knew that God meant everything He'd ever said.  Sometimes it's hard to believe in something you can't see.  When it feels like devastation has hit and God is not answering, I want you to know that He hears you.  God always answers.  God IS there, even when you can't see Him.  Someday it will all make sense.  I promise. 

I love you so much and when you're old enough to read this, I hope you still respond with "I LOVE YOU MORE!"

HBD, Sambino.

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