Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breaking the Law

It's time to celebrate again!

Tomorrow Gager turns 32. I don't want to steal JC's thunder on Easter, but I do love a double whammy. Celebrating my favorite person the same day we celebrate the greatest miracle of all time?  I'll drink to that. 
One Eastertini coming right up.

Gager, I know promised I wouldn't write a birthday blog.  Well I lied.  Also, you're not fooling anyone because I know you loved it last year.  (That's what she said).

There are just way too many cool things to say about you and I love making you laugh more than anything in the entire world.  You are my toughest audience to crack but one chuckle from you will leave me satisfied till next year.

I want you to know that I love you, but it's not easy being married to a lawyer. Especially one that likes to follow ALL the rules.  It's like 1% cool, 99% annoying.

**Example: I let my licence plates expire every year (sometimes for a month or even two) before renewing them.

I also see zero harm in doing so. If an officer wants to pull me over to shoot the breeze about why I haven't got around to it, bring it. That doesn't scare me. What DOES scare me is when my attorney husband makes me go in front of a judge to apologize.

I'm so glad I gave you a good laugh when I texted you profanity from inside courtroom 28 while sitting behind a man in handcuffs. I do believe I wet myself when I heard "the state of Nebraska vs. Melissa Cobb." I hear ya loud and clear, counselor, and I'll renew them on time next year. But just in case I don't, I'm paying the ticket!!!!!!!

It's impossible to get you to take a normal picture.  I don't know why I try.

I'm glad you keep me on toes and force me to obey the law.  Without you, the glove compartment of my car would put Loyd Christmas' parking ticket stash to shame.  I would also cheat on my taxes.  You're a good man, GRC. 
And I'm a little bit glad that I saved $75 by apologizing to the judge.

You are a top notch husband and father.  Your daughters adore you and your son wants to be you.  Thank you for loving us as much as you do.  It's more than I could have ever imagined possible.  I hope your birthday is filled with memories.  Amazing ones.  Look back on the last 12 years we've been together and know that I love you more and more every day. 

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mis


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