Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Mo Snow

Snow Blizzard fake out of 2013:

Just enough snow to cancel school but not enough coldness to keep me from sending those kids out for hours.  In my defense, it was Stella's first time playing in the snow.  She wasn't completely positive how to walk in the white stuff at first but quickly caught on to the fun.  Sam and Holly made it almost impossible to not have fun.  She's a lucky gal.

You are never too old to play in the snow, kid.  I mean you are wearing a Ninja Turtle hat.

 And anyone with a bad attitude will not have my support when your sisters pull this stunt.  #outnumbered

Oh Sammy boy, my job is never done with you.  I'm glad you have such a giant heart and love your mama so much.  It makes your angry fits easier to handle, knowing there is a precious and unprompted apology right around the corner.  Just remember that mother knows best and to listen to your mumsy.  Got it?

I hear there is another storm rolling in tonight but I'm choosing to ignore it.  We got our fill of snow fun and now I'm over it.  It was cute while it lasted listening to Stella say "no" (snow) and carrying her "noball" around the yard.  Now?  We are ready for spring.  Please and thank you.

Thinking positive. 

Glass half full.

Stella carrying her noball
Stella trying to figure out what happened to her noball

Well, that was fun.   It's really all the memory of snow we need for a year.  I don't even really like snow pictures.  Honestly, the entire winter season is on my shit list.  Now please join me in prayer for sunshine and slush.

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