Thursday, February 21, 2013


Since we are in a winter storm that is expected to wipe out the entire midwest, I thought now is as good a time as ever to update the 'ol blog.  I have no idea how it's already February 21st and I've only blogged once this month!  Sorry, folks.  Not sure what happened there.  Cobbmobb skipped right through Valentines day AND Holly's first dance convention.  In summary, both were great.

Cobb Kids on V-day.  Lots of love here.

Sammy had his LAST Valentine party at school.  I could only stop by quick because I gave in to the "room mom" peer pressure in the 2nd grade classroom.  (By "peer" I mean Holly).  It was fun and adorable and I'm glad I did.  I was the photographer in the photo booth.  There is pretty much nothing like cute little girls in boas getting photo bombed by a boy in a football helmet. 

Holly's best friend Katie, mystery girl, and photo bomber

Back at home:

Stella and Mayzie, being the Bubble Guppies biggest fans, got guppie bath toys for their Valentine's.  It was much needed since they are currently down to zero bath toys.  (They all got thrown out after Mayzie had an accident in the tub).  Actually, let's be real, it was no accident.  It was perfectly calculated.  In fact, due to their calculated naughtiness with water, it's not just toys they lost privileges of having in the tub. 

What happened girls?  Did you flood the bathroom 18 too many times?  Sorry, suckas.  Hope the Bubble Guppies don't mind playing on dry land.  Here's also to hoping that the water stays IN their brand new camelbacks.

I love these little devils!   Yes, Stella got the girly Gup's and Mayzie got the redheaded boy.  Duh.
Also, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I made the headband.  Taking the crafts up a notch in 2013.

After the hype of love died down, Mandy and I prepared ourselves for a weekend away in KC.  Holly, along with her friends, attended their first dance convention.  I only dreamed of watching her dance at a convention for approximately 6 years, so I tried very hard to be casual about it.  Between me and you, SHE LOOKED SO CUTE!!!!  I was over the moon proud of her.  It was hard work for that brain of hers but she did so great.  We will totally be going again.

Made that one too.  Please ignore the topper to the left.  (Love ya, Gabs!)


That picture cracks me up.  The lighting is terrible and it's slightly out of focus and it appears as though she is off count, but who cares.  FRONT AND CENTER BABY!

She had a blast.  She was so tired after dancing for 2 straight days, that she fell asleep within 5 minutes of our drive back home.  It was a great weekend full of great memories and her brain didn't even explode.  We hit Oakpark Mall (obviously) and once again, I found myself wondering why every KC trip ends up at the American Girl store.  We even got to meet up with Aunt Gentry on her birthday! 

Pending that we all survive the snowstorm, I will be back later this month. 

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