Saturday, January 19, 2013


My sweet Stella girl is 21 months now.  It's absolutely ridiculous how close she is to turning 2.  I'm not ready.  She's still so perfect and I'm not ready for what's to come.  I need her to be a baby just a tad bit longer.  Please and thank you.

I absolutely adore Stella's personality and wouldn't change one single thing about it.  I actually always always always hoped to have a little girl with her EXACT personality.  She's not the center of attention or life of the party. (We will totally leave that to Mayzie).  She's not the leader of the pack type nor does she require a lot of attention.  She's not crazy about big crowds and she loves the silence.  Just like her mama.  She's a miniature me when I was little.  She's a perfectionist.  She likes her clothes to lay perfectly and she HATES when her hands get messy.    

She plays best all by herself and even better when I sit in a quiet room and watch her.  Her favorite form of play is wiping her baby dolls butt repeatedly with one individual wet wipe for approximately one hour at a time.  She also enjoys giving it a kiss on the head every 5-10 minutes.

Also?  She loves to clean.  Be still my  heart.  She eats with her pinkies up (always) and loves using a napkin in between each bite.  Her newest trick is drinking out of a cup with no lid and she does a (not-so-surprising) good job while doing so.  Her cup usually only spills when Crazy-head-Mayzie snatches it up and dumps it out for a good laugh. 

BTW:  Stella always laughs at Mayzie. 

Mama's little germaphobe

Stella is adjusting to our living arrangements a little slower than the other kids due to her personality but the good news is that she LOVES Mayzie so much.  Even after all the hair pulling, pinching, scratching, and toy stealing.  Although Mayzie put Stella in a sleeper hold yesterday, she still shared her snack with her immediately following.

At lunch time (AKA: Hell), Mayzie dumped a whole bowl of soup on the table and Stella quietly got out the cleaning product.  Of course she didn't make it too far into the cleaning process because Mayzie grabbed it and started drinking the product.  Stella laughed.  Mayzie wins.

FREEZE, Ginger!

Crazy Mayzie and Perfect Stella.  (Their well earned nicknames) 

Even though Stella appears to be a 40 year old woman in a toddler body, I want my baby to be a baby longer.  I'm constantly being reminded that time goes too fast.  Like how every season her clothes are too small.  Or the fact that her taste buds have changed and she now knows what taste good.  The real humdinger is that her hair is growing and needs to be combed everyday!  This doesn't mean that I actually do it but it does make her a big kid. 

I love this girl a whole heck of a lot.  She did something to my heart when she was born.  Whatever it was, it just keeps getting better.  Now ready or not, Stella is almost 2.   Potty training with her nutball cousin is the next adventure on the list.  Feel free to pray into that.

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