Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got an email this week reminding me that I have only a month left to turn in a baby picture of my 5th grader for the yearbook.  Of course I needed this reminder (go figure) but ever since I got it, I can't control my sadness over it. Elementary School is coming to a close for my boy.  We have started the dreaded last semester. The backward slide towards Middle School has begun.

I've also been instructed to write a short message to my 5th grader to be printed next to his picture.  How do I sum up his Elementary years and how proud I am of him in 3 sentences?  Honestly.  This boy melts me. God knew what he was doing by giving me only one boy.  I don't think my heart could take another.  So much of my thoughts, prayers, and energy is invested in this kid.  He's my only son.  I can't believe I am officially my mother.  (Love you, mom.) 

Even though he's almost 11 and he is really excited to start Middle School, he's still so young to me.  Just a little innocent boy.  He hugs me for no reason and tells me that he's not letting go and sits next to me on the couch just so he can rub my shoulders.  His heart turns to mush if he sees me cry and I can't tell him I love him without him telling me he loves me more.  I PRAY to sweet Jesus in heaven that this never changes.

I do love watching him grow up and mature.  It's been such a blessing to Gage and I to see him confidently grow into his own skin.  I hope he always rubs my shoulders and tries to picks me up.  I also hope that he soon succeeds in picking me up.  (I'm counting on you, Insanity).  With Middle School rapidly approaching, I'm publicly promising myself to remain calm.  I promise to not freak out (anymore) with worry when he tells me he wants to make the football team.  I also decided to not make a big deal out of him asking for a cell phone since the answer is HELL NO.  If he starts to show interest in girls....well, let's just hope that doesn't happen.  He's far too innocent right now and I have zero interest in getting ahead of myself.

Right now I'm enjoying my elementary school, sports lovin', mama's boy for everything it's worth.

Hashtag: stopgrowing

P.S. Baseball started.  As soon as I get the guts to show up to practice with my camera, I will blog about how adorable my boy looks in his practice uniform.

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