Monday, January 28, 2013

January Showcase 2013

What a weekend we had!  With 3 competitive programs at Nebraska Dance, that means 3 amazing shows following some long rehearsals.  As exhausting as weekends like the last can be, I am still always amazed at how lucky I am to have such a rockstar status job. 

I usually only blog from my parent prospective but I'm feeling crazy (tired) today.  Sometimes its hard to separate being a dance mom from a dance teacher but it's slowly getting easier.  Aside from my faith and my family, Nebraska Dance Performance Troupe gets the majority of my thoughts, time, and energy.  I love the program and I love watching it grow.  The kids are talented, the parents are supportive, the teachers are invested, and the program is growing at a pace that often makes my head spin.  In a good way.  I'm a proud mama.

Holly is on the Jumpstart program for her second and final year.  Jumpstart only goes to 2nd grade and I have to admit that I will be majorly sad to see it end.   Holls is still so innocent in her love for dance.  She's not competitive (yet) and I want to stretch that innocence as far as it can go.  Also, I will miss my JS mom friends as well as the no-rules-apply ridiculously cute costumes!

Holly Kay Kay looked cute as ever on stage doing her 3 dances with Jumpstart.  It was totally worth the tears on the way to school this morning due to exhaustion. 

I've worked with JS a little this year and it's been crazy but fun.  I promised myself that I would never teach Holly but it's gone better than expected.  She's a great student.  Even with her low patience, very forgetful, silly mom as the teacher.  Obviously I'm bias, but I promise that she's super cute on stage!

Is this really my job?  Somebody pinch me.
 Holly's Musical Theater dance opened the JS show and these girls could not have felt more cool to have the curtains open up on them!  It was precious, I'm not lying.  Also, look who made an appearance backstage before those curtains opened up....

As you can see, Stella Rose was feeling slightly overwhelmed and had a hard time identifying Holly through the red lips and rhinestones.  Today, however, she watched the practice videos on my phone over....and over....and over...while saying "dat holla."  I can't wait for their duet.  I'm totally serious too.

I just wish her costumes were a little more cute.  JUST KIDDING!

Last year, Holly had a fabulous Spider costume so she wore it for Halloween.  Duh. When she saw her costume this year for her jazz dance called "Business of Love," she said: 

QUOTE:  "Perfect!  This year I can be a lawyer for Halloween!"

Umm.  You're hired, kid.  Razzle Dazzle 'em.  After all, how can they see with sequins in their eyes?

The next performance is 2 short weeks away and we can't wait!

Who wouldn't be excited to see this cuteness again?

P.S.  Brooke Buda, I know you're reading this.  Since I consider you one of my biggest blog fans, you deserve a shout out for the NDC show.  Your choreo knocked my socks all the way to Cali.  Soooo....could you find them and kindly bring them home along with your cute little self?  Thanks, Doll.  #milesfromyou #artofwar #IMISSYOU

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