Monday, January 28, 2013

January Showcase 2013

What a weekend we had!  With 3 competitive programs at Nebraska Dance, that means 3 amazing shows following some long rehearsals.  As exhausting as weekends like the last can be, I am still always amazed at how lucky I am to have such a rockstar status job. 

I usually only blog from my parent prospective but I'm feeling crazy (tired) today.  Sometimes its hard to separate being a dance mom from a dance teacher but it's slowly getting easier.  Aside from my faith and my family, Nebraska Dance Performance Troupe gets the majority of my thoughts, time, and energy.  I love the program and I love watching it grow.  The kids are talented, the parents are supportive, the teachers are invested, and the program is growing at a pace that often makes my head spin.  In a good way.  I'm a proud mama.

Holly is on the Jumpstart program for her second and final year.  Jumpstart only goes to 2nd grade and I have to admit that I will be majorly sad to see it end.   Holls is still so innocent in her love for dance.  She's not competitive (yet) and I want to stretch that innocence as far as it can go.  Also, I will miss my JS mom friends as well as the no-rules-apply ridiculously cute costumes!

Holly Kay Kay looked cute as ever on stage doing her 3 dances with Jumpstart.  It was totally worth the tears on the way to school this morning due to exhaustion. 

I've worked with JS a little this year and it's been crazy but fun.  I promised myself that I would never teach Holly but it's gone better than expected.  She's a great student.  Even with her low patience, very forgetful, silly mom as the teacher.  Obviously I'm bias, but I promise that she's super cute on stage!

Is this really my job?  Somebody pinch me.
 Holly's Musical Theater dance opened the JS show and these girls could not have felt more cool to have the curtains open up on them!  It was precious, I'm not lying.  Also, look who made an appearance backstage before those curtains opened up....

As you can see, Stella Rose was feeling slightly overwhelmed and had a hard time identifying Holly through the red lips and rhinestones.  Today, however, she watched the practice videos on my phone over....and over....and over...while saying "dat holla."  I can't wait for their duet.  I'm totally serious too.

I just wish her costumes were a little more cute.  JUST KIDDING!

Last year, Holly had a fabulous Spider costume so she wore it for Halloween.  Duh. When she saw her costume this year for her jazz dance called "Business of Love," she said: 

QUOTE:  "Perfect!  This year I can be a lawyer for Halloween!"

Umm.  You're hired, kid.  Razzle Dazzle 'em.  After all, how can they see with sequins in their eyes?

The next performance is 2 short weeks away and we can't wait!

Who wouldn't be excited to see this cuteness again?

P.S.  Brooke Buda, I know you're reading this.  Since I consider you one of my biggest blog fans, you deserve a shout out for the NDC show.  Your choreo knocked my socks all the way to Cali.  Soooo....could you find them and kindly bring them home along with your cute little self?  Thanks, Doll.  #milesfromyou #artofwar #IMISSYOU

Saturday, January 19, 2013


My sweet Stella girl is 21 months now.  It's absolutely ridiculous how close she is to turning 2.  I'm not ready.  She's still so perfect and I'm not ready for what's to come.  I need her to be a baby just a tad bit longer.  Please and thank you.

I absolutely adore Stella's personality and wouldn't change one single thing about it.  I actually always always always hoped to have a little girl with her EXACT personality.  She's not the center of attention or life of the party. (We will totally leave that to Mayzie).  She's not the leader of the pack type nor does she require a lot of attention.  She's not crazy about big crowds and she loves the silence.  Just like her mama.  She's a miniature me when I was little.  She's a perfectionist.  She likes her clothes to lay perfectly and she HATES when her hands get messy.    

She plays best all by herself and even better when I sit in a quiet room and watch her.  Her favorite form of play is wiping her baby dolls butt repeatedly with one individual wet wipe for approximately one hour at a time.  She also enjoys giving it a kiss on the head every 5-10 minutes.

Also?  She loves to clean.  Be still my  heart.  She eats with her pinkies up (always) and loves using a napkin in between each bite.  Her newest trick is drinking out of a cup with no lid and she does a (not-so-surprising) good job while doing so.  Her cup usually only spills when Crazy-head-Mayzie snatches it up and dumps it out for a good laugh. 

BTW:  Stella always laughs at Mayzie. 

Mama's little germaphobe

Stella is adjusting to our living arrangements a little slower than the other kids due to her personality but the good news is that she LOVES Mayzie so much.  Even after all the hair pulling, pinching, scratching, and toy stealing.  Although Mayzie put Stella in a sleeper hold yesterday, she still shared her snack with her immediately following.

At lunch time (AKA: Hell), Mayzie dumped a whole bowl of soup on the table and Stella quietly got out the cleaning product.  Of course she didn't make it too far into the cleaning process because Mayzie grabbed it and started drinking the product.  Stella laughed.  Mayzie wins.

FREEZE, Ginger!

Crazy Mayzie and Perfect Stella.  (Their well earned nicknames) 

Even though Stella appears to be a 40 year old woman in a toddler body, I want my baby to be a baby longer.  I'm constantly being reminded that time goes too fast.  Like how every season her clothes are too small.  Or the fact that her taste buds have changed and she now knows what taste good.  The real humdinger is that her hair is growing and needs to be combed everyday!  This doesn't mean that I actually do it but it does make her a big kid. 

I love this girl a whole heck of a lot.  She did something to my heart when she was born.  Whatever it was, it just keeps getting better.  Now ready or not, Stella is almost 2.   Potty training with her nutball cousin is the next adventure on the list.  Feel free to pray into that.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got an email this week reminding me that I have only a month left to turn in a baby picture of my 5th grader for the yearbook.  Of course I needed this reminder (go figure) but ever since I got it, I can't control my sadness over it. Elementary School is coming to a close for my boy.  We have started the dreaded last semester. The backward slide towards Middle School has begun.

I've also been instructed to write a short message to my 5th grader to be printed next to his picture.  How do I sum up his Elementary years and how proud I am of him in 3 sentences?  Honestly.  This boy melts me. God knew what he was doing by giving me only one boy.  I don't think my heart could take another.  So much of my thoughts, prayers, and energy is invested in this kid.  He's my only son.  I can't believe I am officially my mother.  (Love you, mom.) 

Even though he's almost 11 and he is really excited to start Middle School, he's still so young to me.  Just a little innocent boy.  He hugs me for no reason and tells me that he's not letting go and sits next to me on the couch just so he can rub my shoulders.  His heart turns to mush if he sees me cry and I can't tell him I love him without him telling me he loves me more.  I PRAY to sweet Jesus in heaven that this never changes.

I do love watching him grow up and mature.  It's been such a blessing to Gage and I to see him confidently grow into his own skin.  I hope he always rubs my shoulders and tries to picks me up.  I also hope that he soon succeeds in picking me up.  (I'm counting on you, Insanity).  With Middle School rapidly approaching, I'm publicly promising myself to remain calm.  I promise to not freak out (anymore) with worry when he tells me he wants to make the football team.  I also decided to not make a big deal out of him asking for a cell phone since the answer is HELL NO.  If he starts to show interest in girls....well, let's just hope that doesn't happen.  He's far too innocent right now and I have zero interest in getting ahead of myself.

Right now I'm enjoying my elementary school, sports lovin', mama's boy for everything it's worth.

Hashtag: stopgrowing

P.S. Baseball started.  As soon as I get the guts to show up to practice with my camera, I will blog about how adorable my boy looks in his practice uniform.

Monday, January 7, 2013


It's back to reality this week.  I'm sad to say goodbye to winter break.  Real life means it's back to school, back to work, back to alarm clocks, back to the grocery store 5 days a week.  This just means that it's that much closer to summer, right?


I think my favorite part of our break is always watching my kids be together 24/7.  While this scenario tends to pose a few risks, they really do love each other.  Sam and Holly are a great team and excellent second set of parents to their little sister.  Sammy is such a classic case of a firstborn.  Holly and Stella melt my heat when they (rarely) play together.  I can't remember if I have said this before or not, but I LOVE SISTERS!!!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it.

Holly, Stella, Samantha, Kit, and Ruthie enjoying winter break

Maybe it's the love I have for my own sisters that makes Holly and Stella's relationship that much sweeter.  I could never live without my sisters.  They are such a huge part of who I am.  Since I live with Mandy right now, I'm being reminded every day how much her and I depend on each other.  We are as close to being the same person as 2 people can be. 

For example:  right now we are depending on each other to be accountable to our morning workouts.  If she wasn't waiting for me in the living room every morning, you better believe I would be avoiding Sean T and his impossible Insanity videos at all costs.

My sister Mackenzie just got engaged and I am more excited for her wedding plans than I ever remember being for my own.  That may have had something to do with the fact that I was 20 and let my mom do all the planning, but I like to believe it's because I just love Mackenzie THAT much.

My sister Makayla consumes my thoughts the most.  I love her so much and want her life to be amazing.  Not just ordinary, but truly spectacular.  She's the baby (even though she's totally a woman now) and I pray for her the same way I pray for my own kids.   I know God has plans for Makayla that exceeds all our expectations, but I still want to put her in a bubble sometimes.

My sister-in-law, Betty, just gave birth to my NEPHEW!!!  Since Betty and I are only a few days apart in age, it's extra fun to be a mom with her.  I can't wait till her and my bro move their cute little family to Omaha.  As much as it totally sucks to have not met baby Wyatt yet, I already love him so much!  After 7 straight girls in our family, we are happy to see some blue!

I think I recognize those cheeks, Wyatt!  Pipsqueak gets lots of compliments on them.

So far, 2013 feels pretty good.  I guess I don't mind reality.