Friday, December 21, 2012

Our First Home

Today I handed over the keys to our first home.  The feeling is strange and hard to put into words.  I’m not going to miss that house but I AM having a rush of emotions.  Honestly, the best I can describe it as is grateful.  I’m so grateful for all the memories we made in that house that have all been brought to the surface today as I handed over those keys.  (And garage door opener).

Sammy was 3 when we moved in.  He begged us to let him have red walls.  Red always was and still is his favorite color.  Since I waited what felt like a lifetime (I had a 3 year old) to paint bedroom walls, we went nuts.  The compromise was bottom half red, top half neutral.  He loved it all the way up until we moved out.  This is the room where he grew up through Elementary school.  It’s where his hermit crabs, Woody and Chucky Cheese, lived and died.

My baby Holly was potty trained in that house.  She lovingly cared for 2 dogs and 2 fish in her bedroom that we called her “pet store.” Her most precious prayers were prayed in that room.  She learned how to ride a bike on that street and cried when “the neighbor boys” moved.  I still have a giant scratch on the side of my van where she slammed right into it on her bike while speeding down the hill.  Is it weird that I don’t want to fix it? 

Two years ago, we turned our office into a little girl nursery.  It was my first time painting and designing a nursery.  It was one of my favorite things to have ever done in that house and I can’t wait to do it again in a new house for a new baby. 

Before Stella was born, Gage spent many sleepless nights in that same room during law school.  He stayed up studying and writing papers while I pretended to sleep.  We celebrated graduations, holidays, birthdays, weddings, and births in that house.  We hung Christmas lights for the first time and watched our kids learn how to climb fences.  I cried many many tears over my miscarriages and stayed awake happily nursing my newborn baby.  All in that house.

Getting the house ready for our renters was so exciting.  I didn’t even have time to think about all the memories we’ve made.  We knew we wanted to move and started slowly getting our house ready over the summer, but we really had no idea what God’s plan was.  I made minor improvements inside while Gage painted the outside of the house.  Alone.  Well, I helped a little.  A very little.  Even though he fell off the ladder and ended up with a twisted ankle, bruised rib, stiff neck and bruise the size of my head on his bum, I think even he would tell you it was worth it.  14111 be lookin’ good.   In fact, I was actually happy for him to have taken that fall because he had so much fun telling people that he “busted his ass painting the house.”  I’ll spare you that picture.  You’re welcome.

We are also so very excited to be making new memories in this crazy and temporary living arrangement we are in right now, but are genuinely sad to no longer be living next to this guy:

Dear neighbor Jeff aka Handyman,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  Thank you for faithfully mowing our lawn while Gage studied for the Barr exam around the clock that summer.  Thank you for coming to his graduation from Law school and for never missing one of our kids’ birthdays.  They always loved the gifts you gave them from your garage.  Holly will always keep her string of rope lights and Sam, his rusty tool box.  I’m going to miss hearing you say “IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!?  Stay here, let me go see what I can find in my garage.”  However, I will NOT miss you and Gage driving your cars through each other’s yard when it snows.  On that note, Sam and Holly will definitely miss the massive snow mountain you make with your snow blower every year.  Since Stella has a major crush on you and “Jeff” was one of her first words, we will visit often.  We will be forever grateful to you for fixing our sink, our heat, our AC, our fridge, our front door, our shower, our cars, our washer and dryer, and most importantly our backed up sewer.  Whenever I need a good laugh, I will always picture you dry heaving and walking through our shit.  Since you refuse to let us pay you for your services, we promise to not turn you in for stealing our Wi-Fi all those years.


The Cobb Mob

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  1. Those are strong memories. :) One wouldn't really have it any other way. It pays with those reminiscences to spot and recall the things we hold dear and the people we owe. Hope you've still got trusted handymen to deal with your house problems in your new abode, as well as to take care and cover for say the drainage and the sinks, 'coz those don't just deal with easy knowledge. On the other hand, you'll never run out of service for you to avail of.

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