Monday, December 31, 2012

Guest Post #4

Happy New Year, friends!  This is definitely a record for me to have made it a whole year without giving up on my New Year's Resolution!  Now 365 days later, I'm totally hooked on blogging and am excited to bring you a fantastic story to close out 2012.  This is a guest post by my little sister, Mackenzie.  Mackenzie's heart is so precious and her faith is admirable, which you will see through her words.  Enjoy and have a blessed 2013!

Mack and Ba-lock-ay's good news:

If you had told me six months ago I would be engaged at this time, I would have said, "you cray cray!" Oh wait, my BFF Kimberly did tell me that and I did say that.

I’m amazed and overwhelmed over God’s love for me. Every time I think of how MUCH I love Blake, my FIANCE, I’m reminded of how much God loves me plus infinity. Being in love is the most amazing feeling ever.  It’s one of the best gifts to give and receive. Thanks, God!

Blake and I go way back… THREE MONTHS!  No, actually 10 years. It was at my sister, Mandy’s, wedding when he first noticed me.  What a cutie.  It took him that long to ask me out. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing.  Just what I had prayed for.  God was preparing both our hearts for one another over those years and He taught us so much!  I would pray everyday for my future husband, whoever he was, wherever he was, and ask God to protect him.  Little did I know, Blake was praying for his future wife as well.  ME! 

I could go on and on about how wonderfully perfect (in my eyes) Blake is.  He’s such a gentleman that shows me the upmost respect.  I feel so safe and protected when I’m with him. I adore his heart and his love for Jesus.  He is a keeper (as Melrose would say).  I know he thinks the same about me too.  He’s told me so!

After our first date in September, falling in love, and telling each other we couldn’t imagine spending one day without each other, Blake asked me to marry him on December 24th.   The best Christmas Eve ever!  I spent the day with family and little did I know he spent the day preparing to propose. We met up that night and enjoyed our favorite Christmas tradition together, Christmas Eve service.  It was a really special time.  We were surrounded by family while celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Before heading to the next Christmas party that night, Blake said he wanted to spend some time together. He took me to Midtown where the trees were lit and so shiny.  Kind of like my ring. ;) I told him its too cold to get out of the car so we stayed and drank hot chocolate, which he prepared himself.  He knew Starbucks would be closed.  Did I mention he is a GREAT planner? One more thing I love about him.  After ten minutes or so he kindly told me we were getting out of the car. I might of given him the stink face but he had hand warmers for me. Still no way did I think he was going to the pop the question.  We get out of the car, walk up to the sidewalk and he tells me there is something he wants to tell me.

He… gets… down… on…one knee and… asks me to MARRY HIM!!

“What?! You're doing this now?” oops, I mean, “YES! Of course I’ll marry you!”
I was so thrilled he asked me when he did. It was the perfect night.

Then he put a ring on it!

We celebrated with our families that night and it was so fun calling and texting our friends to tell them the good news!

I once heard in a sermon to: “Love well, date honorably and marry forever.” That’s some good truth and my promise to the Lord, Blake, and myself to live by. I can’t wait to be a wife and to continue to love and to honor my future husband forever!!

I love you Blakee Parker Beauchamp!

Yippe!!!! As baby Mackenzie would say, HAPPY NEW NEW!

Last night, I was reminiscing with my roomies about how cool it was to listen to the countdown on the radio ALL DAY on NYE in high school.  With that said, here is a countdown to my most popular/most read posts of 2012.  It was fun for me to re-read them.  I'm not offended if you do not have the same amount of fun.  I hope I have as much awesome material in 2013!  Who am I kidding, we have 2 babies, 1 wedding, a new house, and middle school ahead of us!

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