Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guest Post #3

Today's guest post is a beautiful birth story by my BFF.  My sister, Mandy, does not have a blog but needs one because she has plenty-o-material to write about it.  I'm beyond thrilled that she found time in her crazy busy life to write this guest post! Enjoy!

A BIRTH story, by Mandy Mixan

I love birthdays.  Most people close to me know this fact about me…and would even say that my love for celebrating birthdays is a “defining quality” of who I am.  I just love that you get a whole day out of the year to celebrate YOU (ME!)  I can pretty much tell you about each of my childhood birthdays, kid parties, favorite gifts, “milestone” birthdays (sweet 16 = singing tell a gram, 18 = jewelry from my parents, 21 = concert with amazing friends and Christina Aguilara dance party in the parking lot…with zero alcohol involved).  But what I could have never told you was how much my love for birthdays would increase once I started having babies…I did not even think that I could love birthdays anymore…until I discovered BIRTHdays.  The day my babies are born; knocks the socks off of silly ‘ol me and my dance parties and lunch dates.

I celebrated, along with my husband, Mike, our fourth little girl’s BIRTHday last Saturday, Dec. 8th.  It was amazing.  Before I get to her birthday story, I have to go back a bit.  You see, I have experienced a few extreme BIRTHdays.  In fact, I think I could sum up each girls’ BIRTHday story in a word that closely matches their unique little personalities.  Melrose = DRAMATIC (long labor, lots of pushing, dramatic ending/entrance via C-section); Marlow = Peaceful (playbook VBAC); Mayzie = CRAZY!!!! (I opted for no epidural on this one…and YOWZA!!!) Minnie Jo Ann Mixan entered the world at just the perfect time (10:21pm to be exact..which happens to be MY birthday), after weeks of praying that the timing would be perfect, and she was in perfect health.  In a word, at this point (and I know it will change), Minne Jo = perfect.  Or rather, perfectly refreshing.

For Minnie Jo, I feel like I labored for a month before she arrived.  My doctor, who is notorious for NEVER giving a 9 month pregnant woman false hope, even declared that I would have the baby within 48 hours…on November 26th!  I had start/stop contractions for weeks leading up to the big day, multiple emotional breakdowns, many, MANY projects completed around the house and everyone around me on pins and needles.  Ooooops.  Sorry bout that.

 The morning of December 8th, right after Mike left for work (5:00am), I felt a “pain” contraction.  Thirty minutes later, I felt another.  I debated on calling Mike home, but thought I would wait to get confirmation…and than I fell asleep.  Dang.  At 11:00am, the same thing happened.  I alerted Mike, my mom and sisters only to once again, fall asleep.  Double Dang.  At 3:30pm, Missy and I went to get a pizza, as we placed our order I had a “both hands on the counter, breathe, can’t talk, pain contraction” (YA-WHOOOOO!!! THIS is IT!) Somewhat frantically, Missy informed the poor 18 year kid working at Valentinos that I was about to have a baby and please put a rush on the pizzas…to which he responded by giving me a FREE pepsi.  I called Mike home from work, giddily left the pizza joint with my free drink in hand and prepared to have a baby!   

I labored at home for a few hours, but after my crazy Mayzie started to blow strawberries on my butt, pull my hair and climb on my back during very painful contractions…we headed to the hospital (at 7:45pm).

Upon arriving at Bergan, we had a picture perfect birthing experience. J Quick check-in, lovely nursing staff, a husband who was on his A-game in cracking jokes, family arrived, baby’s doing great, labor progressing, aaaand the anesthesiologist was available to administer my epidural!  2 hours from check-in, Minnie Jo entered the world weighing 7lbs 8oz, 20 ½ in long.

Having a baby is overwhelming, it is an experience that is difficult to put into words (or a single blog).  I’m completely addicted to EVERYTHING about it.  Recalling the details of Minnie Jo's BIRTHday brings me so much happiness today...and because I can do the same with the same resulting happiness for all of my daughter's BIRTHdays, I know it will always be something I look back to and think of with GREAT GREAT joy and pride.

I’m also addicted to seeing a new little member of our family welcomed.  My absolutely, hands down, favorite part about having babies is seeing them together. 

I feel blessed and humbled to be trusted with these little lives.  My heart leaps with joy seeing my daughters love on each other, support each other, hug each other, and celebrate together. 

And even though we are starting to run out of room at our house, I can’t help but feel a tinge of excitement thinking that it would be totally worth it to go for a boy on round 5…and, of course, be absolutely fine to find out it will be another bundle of pink ;)

*Petitions for Mandy to start her own blog so you can see more of those cute faces can be added in the comment section.


  1. Congrats Mandy! You have an absolutely beautiful family.

    Missy, take this as my endorsement for Mandy to start her own blog. I love reading such wonderful stories!

  2. Mandy, you need to blog. you both need to blog. that or a reality show would be fine! whatever it is, those girls are to dang cute to not be shown off all the time!!