Thursday, December 27, 2012


It's always shocking to me how Christmas seems to come and go so quickly.  It's the most anticipated Holiday and gives such a "grand finale" feel to the year.  Every year.  Tonight I told the kids it was a bit of an "off" year for me due to all the events taking place in our lives.  They looked at me like I had 4 heads and replied with "what are you talking about!?  This was the best year yet!"

Well, alrighty then.  Good to know.  Still felt like an off year.  We didn't even get a tree.  Since we moved, we just kept our presents in a pile until we were ready to throw them under the Mixan's tree.  We usually take the kids to look at amazing Christmas lights every weekend in December and failed miserably this year.  I didn't take the kids to the store and let them pick out gifts for each other like every other year either.  Our elf, Little Tom (named after little grandpa Tom) "forgot" to go to the North Pole like 4 times and if you didn't get a Christmas card from us this year and you normally do, it's because I packed up my address book.  Sorry about that and you will get one next year. 

Here's a pic of us on Christmas Eve to hold you over till then:

The kids telling me that "it was the best year yet" is so classic and such a great reminder of what Christmas is all about.  They know JC is the reason.  I love that they know it doesn't take a decorated tree or Christmas cards to celebrate the miracle of Jesus' birth in style.  There really is something magical about Christmas.  I love that even though I work so hard to find them the perfect gift and make sure everything looks "even" under the tree, they really don't notice those details.  I'll never get sick of seeing their expressions on Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve service at my Church kinda rocks.  The kids ring bells and the adults light candles while we all sing Christmas carols.  Everyone is extra happy and dressed in their best.  It's my favorite all year and this year was extra special.  It was perfectly sandwiched between the Mickells family celebration and my little sister, Mackenzie's, ENGAGEMENT! 

SOOOO excited for Mackenzie and (uncle) Blake!  I smell a guest post...

This Christmas season had it's flaws and was definitely one to remember but I wouldn't change a thing.  2012 had character.  Gage and I have worked hard to not put all the emphasis on Santa and presents and I don't see that battle ending any time soon.  Although, it is encouraging to see my kids become more aware of the miracle of Christmas each year.  Let me tell ya, they've come a long way from this:

Honestly, Stella, I feel the same way.  His appearance is less than comforting but his intentions are good.  I promise you will grow to love him.  Until then, baby girl, just keep playing with your wooden manger scene and all it's innocence.  There ain't nothing scary about the precious baby Jesus.

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