Monday, December 3, 2012


Life has been so busy lately that I really don't even have time to write this post today but I'm doing it. After all, the whole point is to document memories and milestones.  The good and the bad.

Our family (mostly me) have been tossing around the idea of finding a more suitable home for our crazy pug for pretty much forever.  The conversations turned serious a few months ago and even more serious last week when we contacted the Pug rescue here in Omaha. They were so excited about Jarjar and had a LIST of families to choose from.  That was confirmation #1.

Yesterday, the family they chose drove all the way from Kansas City to adopt him.

This is the first day to the rest of your life, buddy
Even though I'm not a dog lover, I'm pretty sure Jarjar is the craziest dog I've ever known.   Because Holly loves him so much, I've tolerated him and always provided for him.  Play with him?  That's where I draw the line.  Since Holly is at school all day and dance all night, Jarjar needs and deserves a home FULL of dog lovers.  Not just an 8 year old girl who cuddles with him at night.   Even though there were tears, Holly agreed.   Confirmation #2.

Holly said her goodbyes yesterday before heading off to go see The Nutcracker with Miss Sally.   I was so relieved that the timing worked out the way it did.  The woman picking him up came while Holly was gone.  Again, Holly was fine with that.

Even though Sammy was here when Jarjar left, I really don't even think he noticed.  He'll figure it out someday.   However, Stella was able to get one last giggle in.

As he ran 40 MPH up and down the hallway and onto the couch, the woman smiled and said "oh I just love when they do that!" It took everything in me to not ask her if she was serious. I could tell she was. 
Confirmation #3.

When we heard the family was driving 3 hours to get him, I was picturing a family of smart dog lovers that will make a point to train him to settle the heck down. Wrong!

With complete joy in her face, she told me that her SEVENTEEN year old pug with cancer just died and he acted that hyper right up till his last breath. Umm, okay. 

I practically skipped to her car and threw his packed bag in her backseat. She carried Jarjar while he squirmed, scratched, and licked the crap out of her face. She loved it.

Stella always loved it too.  Mommy hated it.

Remember that my top strength is Empathy, so I was fully prepared to deal with Holly's heartbreak in a healthy way. Thankfully, there wasn't any real heartbreak. I explained to her many times how Jar is just not a good fit for our family. Someday we will get one of those cute (GIRL) lap dogs that don't shed, snore, fart, or hump. It will let you take it for walks and sit politely in its front yard without running away. When people come over, you won't be embarrassed or have to scream at them as soon as they walk in to hurry and shut the door because our dog escapes!  I told her that there is a family that is a perfect fit for Jarjar. They WANT a dog that is wild and crazy like him. Not only are they dog lovers, but they are PUG lovers! That made her happy.

As heartless as my jokes about Jarjar may sound, I actually, in some funny way, feel that God had his hand on this whole process. I'm genuinely happy for that crazy mutt.  His new family will apprecitae all his wild and discusting habits.

To add to it, Yesterday morning, Holly (my sweet dog lover) was bit by a dog. She was at her friends house and their very big but very friendly dog bit her on the face.  Because God was protecting her at that very moment and for that reason only, he didn't even break the skin.  Holly prays every night for Gods protection and specifically that "no one would get hurt."

I'm so amazed at how God works and how he protects us. He knew that Holly would be sad about Jarjar and the timing of that dog bite was not coincidence. The fact that her specific and consistent prayer was answered was also not coincidence.

It's by Gods grace that Holly fell asleep happy and giggling last night.  I'm so beyond feeling thankful that my girl was protected yesterday in more ways that one.  Holly took some video of Jar on her ipod and I'm sure she will watch it and smile every single day.

There were definitely tears during this picture.  It wasn't until I looked at it on the computer, that I noticed he is licking her dog bite.   What a precious picture of God's love and grace.  

Finding a home for Jarjar is something that Gage and I have been wanting to do for a while.  We put if off because we were not sure if it was the right decision and didn't think it was worth tramatizing Holly.  What I didn't anticipate, was feeling this good knowing that we made the right choice. This morning Stella even got to carry her bowl of dried cherrios around without yelling "NO JAR!"  It made all of us smile.

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