Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unrelated order of news

Let's talk about a couple things.  First off, my guest post has been submitted to the Omaha World Herald Momaha section and is being edited this week.  I had so much fun writing that post and emailing back and forth with the publisher.  That's why I surprised myself a little when she asked me to write a TWO SENTENCE bio and I couldn't come up with one word.  I always thought that bios are suppose to make you sound cool.   I have a hard time making myself sound cool.  Now, if you need some hard core sarcasm , I'm your girl.  However, Words of Affirmation = not for me.  I cringe at them actually.  Does that make me a perfectionist?  Or just weird? O well.  I had Mandy write it for me.  Why?  Watch the following skit and just know that I die thinking of Mandy every time I see this. 

(Mom, sorry about the beginning being a little inappropriate.  I know how you feel about SNL.  Just focus on Mindy.)
Mandy Mindy and the SECRET WORD:

In preparation for the big debut, I also picked a guest blogger!  I thought it would be fun to have other people's entries on cobbmobb to change it up as we (I) anticipate going viral. (I still crack myself up saying that).  My first guest blogger will be posted later this week.  It's a good one too! 

I may post a couple guest blogs so if you are interested in making an appearance, let me know.  I will accept all topics besides politics.  This is going to be fun!

Second, I would like to ask you to please check out an old friend of mine's Caring Bridge site. I went to high school with Jen and this site is for her daughter, Ella, who has a rare disease called SMA.  This week, Holly and I got to meet Ella and she's a special gal.  We pray for her a lot at our house.  Here's a photo of Stella and Holly supporting Ella by wearing her Tshirts. Jen had a Tshirt fundraiser to get Ella a new manual wheelchair.

Last order of business is in regards to my recent photo session with the Mixan's.  I'm no pro folks, but I LOVE taking pictures.  I don't even own Photoshop but I work my magic with Picasa.  I can do nothing about boogers in noses and double chins but I can add sun and shadows like it's my job.  These pics turned out pretty spectacular so even though I took a bazillion, here's some of my favorites:

All taken with my great camera and janky manual lens.

If you would like me to take your family photos also, than please buy me an auto lens.

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  1. All of could think of when watching "Mindy" on the skit is Molly! Is Mandy also very dramatic, animated, and wordy?!!!! I would love to get to know her better!