Thursday, November 15, 2012

Momaha guest post: unedited version

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas carols, festive decorations, and smiling faces are everywhere you turn. There is no escaping the Holiday bliss. Who doesn't love the feeling you get knowing that Christmas is approaching?  That is exactly why I plan on waking up in the middle of the night, in the freezing cold, to wait in line for hours upon hours to fight strangers to electronics for my kids.

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year and coincidentally the most ridiculously dramatic days of the year. I've tried to hate it. I really have. Every year I tell myself the "deals" are not that great. Then Thanksgiving day arrives and the ads come. A blessing and a curse.  It's so much easier to ignore the hundreds of emails that started rolling in OCTOBER 1st.   I have zero will-power over the print ads.  D Day Black Friday shoppers, you know the feeling.  Twist my arm, I'M IN!

The chaos of this day would almost make sense if I had a team of people and a plan of attack. I have neither.  Since all my family members think I'm nuts, I go alone and usually have no idea what I'm after.  However, I find that minor detail insignificant and nothing is going to stop me.  I'll figure it out when I get there.  I coach myself to follow the crowd and start grabbing anything marked "DOOR BUSTER."  I can always return it later but I am not, I repeat, I AM NOT missing out on these deals!  Whatever they are.

They have been good this year.  Santa promises to not dissapoint!

So, wish me luck. I have no idea where I will be or why.  If you have never been out on this day and are planning your first attempt, I don't recommend following my strategies.  While I have never had a "bad" experience on Black Friday, these people are super hard core.  Come prepared.  Good luck and may the best man win buy that Iphone, camera or giant TV.

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