Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Post #2

Today I bring you my friend, Alli.  She is super pretty and funny and has a voice like an angel.  I'm actually NOT trying to be funny this time.  Alli sings in the worship band (the BEST worship band pretty much ever btw) at our church.  Girlfriend has a gift.  Also, she has an actual rockstar for a husband and she is the mother of my future son-in-law, Hudson.  He is Stella's Huddy Buddy. 

They will make some CUTE kids

Ladies and Gents, Alli Bryant:

Hello CobbMobb lovers!  I'm so honored Missy asked me to write a guest post on her blog. I'm also so excited about HER guest post on Momaha!! She's going big time people! I'm really hoping since I'm doing a guest post on someone's blog who is doing a guest post for Momaha (did you follow?) means that I'm just one step behind in going viral and adding advertisements to my blog so I can quit my job and be a full time Mom/blogger. Isn't that how it works?

Let's get real for a minute. Why would Missy ask me to write a guest post? Let me break it down for you...
I've written 2 posts on my own blog. That's right. 1 aaand 2. That's it. She must be desperate! Totally teasing, it's obviously because I use cute pics of my baby, duh.

Seriously, I absolutely love my son and having a family. I was never the girl who liked babysitting or playing with kids growing up. I knew I wanted kids one day, but didn't really like spending my free time with them(except for my niece and nephew. I must've had special grace for them). I got a full time job the summer after I turned 14 and started making the big bucks ($8/hour was a pretty big deal) while all my friends were getting babysitting jobs. I looked at it as a way to start saving quicker for the car I had to buy for myself (in cash) and then start saving for hair school.  I'm laughing as I write this because I am NOT a saver!  I never have been but am praying there's hope to become one so my husband and I can retire one day. One day a loooong long time from now. I am still paying off my student loans (almost done though!!) and am pretty sure I just bought a lot of shoes and junk food with all my earnings through High School. I was fashionable with zits. Real cool.

All that to say, I'm completely shocked at how much I absolutely LOVE being Hudson's Mom! You're thinking "of course she loves her child" and I do, but the whole loving being a mom part is what surprised me.  Even more than that, I like other kids too!

It's a given you're gonna like your own, but other people's? I didn't see that coming.

It just further settles in my heart that God has a way of working things out. He always has. And He always will. The fact that there's an instant love for this tiny wonder growing inside of you from the moment you find out you're pregnant is a true testimony of a Mother's love. The ability to read your child's cries and know what they need when no one else has a clue (ok, so maybe sometimes you really don't know either) is an absolute miracle if you ask me! Loving them in spite of the disobeying and playing in the dog's water bowl after you JUST asked them not to sounds a lot like what God does for us on a daily basis.

For the record, I do not play in the water dish. That would be Hudson.

This week I've been constantly reminded of my crap (pardon my language )that the Lord puts up with and still loves and pursues me every single day. Every day! It really is amazing! The more I think of it, the more I just want to spend time with Him. And the more time I spend with Him, I'm reminded of how He loves me. And the more I'm reminded of His love, the more I want to love like He does (Did you see what what i did there?) Especially my own child. It's simple really, but not always so easy for me. 
I don't know about you, but I can always use a good reminder of how much I'm loved :)

Who knew this would take a serious turn!?
Thanks for reading, even though I'm sure you saw it wasn't a post from Missy and were bummed. She's pretty great!

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