Friday, November 23, 2012


Every year I love Thanksgiving more.  Every year I have even more to be thankful for.  Also, every year I become more aware of God's blessings.  I'm going to tell myself that's spiritual maturity.  I saw something on Pinterest the other day about Thankfulness put into prospective and it hit home. 

For example:  I'm thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.

We have had a VERY eventual month this November and it's been filled with fun crap.  Sammy had his football banquet and was given the award for "defensive player of the year" for his team.  Made his year.  He earned that SOB. 

What's Thanksgiving without a little football?
Thankful:  I'm thankful for my shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.


To add to the November fun, Aunt Kayla ran in a 10 mile race with her fellow IBEX students and we ran with to support her.  Okay, so we only did the 3 mile race.  Sam ran and I mostly walked/jogged.  The Great Sambino actually ran those 3 miles in 24 minutes.  He came in 2nd place for his age group of kids under 19.  He was, by far, the youngest.  Stud.

Thankful:  I'm thankful for the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Betty are in town with the Pipsqueak and we have had a blast hanging out with them.  Lots of sleepovers, family dinners, and non stop laughing.  We hate when they leave.

Sucks huh, Pip?
Thankful:  For the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat. 

Thanksgiving day was super as always.  Yummy food, great company, and a mean game of DICE!  I don't know why I am always so entertained by the competitiveness of the Mickells crew but it never gets old.  I have a funny family.

All the winnings went to Lincoln this year
Thankful:  For the huge piles of laundry and ironing because it means that my loves ones are nearby.

Well, that's it folks.  That concludes my November blogging.


I would never leave you hanging about Black Friday!

I had no intentions of fighting the Target/Walmart crowds this year.  However, Sammy talked me into going to Target with him when they opened at 9pm.  (By the way...really, Target? 9pm? Don't you think that's taking it a little too far?  Don't get me wrong, I'm going but I'm not happy about it)

Anyway,we showed up at 8:30 so he could get a taste of waiting in line.  We had no specific plans so when I saw a toy I could justify getting for Stella, we headed for the checkout.  When we saw the line to pay, I put it down and we ran for the car laughing.  That is one hour of my life I will never get back. 

I then hit the outdoor mall with my sisters and we scored big time.  Mandy even bought a newborn outfit for her bambino to wear home from the hospital.  Possibly her first newborn purchase ever.  I've trained her well.  'Bout flippin' time.

Aunt Kenzie fell asleep at the checkout. 

Sammy and I headed to his favorite store, Scheels, at 6:30 to await their 7am opening.  We were 2nd in line after scoring front row parking.  We busted in those doors and started buying Nike dri-fit clothes likes the world was ending.  We were first in line at the checkout.  Boom.  That's how you do it, folks.

Two points

Thankful: For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I'm alive.

Now, it's officially Christmas time.  I've started my shopping and this little shit is back in our house:

Welcome back, Little Tom

Happy Holidays, friends!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Momaha guest post: unedited version

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas carols, festive decorations, and smiling faces are everywhere you turn. There is no escaping the Holiday bliss. Who doesn't love the feeling you get knowing that Christmas is approaching?  That is exactly why I plan on waking up in the middle of the night, in the freezing cold, to wait in line for hours upon hours to fight strangers to electronics for my kids.

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year and coincidentally the most ridiculously dramatic days of the year. I've tried to hate it. I really have. Every year I tell myself the "deals" are not that great. Then Thanksgiving day arrives and the ads come. A blessing and a curse.  It's so much easier to ignore the hundreds of emails that started rolling in OCTOBER 1st.   I have zero will-power over the print ads.  D Day Black Friday shoppers, you know the feeling.  Twist my arm, I'M IN!

The chaos of this day would almost make sense if I had a team of people and a plan of attack. I have neither.  Since all my family members think I'm nuts, I go alone and usually have no idea what I'm after.  However, I find that minor detail insignificant and nothing is going to stop me.  I'll figure it out when I get there.  I coach myself to follow the crowd and start grabbing anything marked "DOOR BUSTER."  I can always return it later but I am not, I repeat, I AM NOT missing out on these deals!  Whatever they are.

They have been good this year.  Santa promises to not dissapoint!

So, wish me luck. I have no idea where I will be or why.  If you have never been out on this day and are planning your first attempt, I don't recommend following my strategies.  While I have never had a "bad" experience on Black Friday, these people are super hard core.  Come prepared.  Good luck and may the best man win buy that Iphone, camera or giant TV.

For the juicy aftermath details, you can find me here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Post #2

Today I bring you my friend, Alli.  She is super pretty and funny and has a voice like an angel.  I'm actually NOT trying to be funny this time.  Alli sings in the worship band (the BEST worship band pretty much ever btw) at our church.  Girlfriend has a gift.  Also, she has an actual rockstar for a husband and she is the mother of my future son-in-law, Hudson.  He is Stella's Huddy Buddy. 

They will make some CUTE kids

Ladies and Gents, Alli Bryant:

Hello CobbMobb lovers!  I'm so honored Missy asked me to write a guest post on her blog. I'm also so excited about HER guest post on Momaha!! She's going big time people! I'm really hoping since I'm doing a guest post on someone's blog who is doing a guest post for Momaha (did you follow?) means that I'm just one step behind in going viral and adding advertisements to my blog so I can quit my job and be a full time Mom/blogger. Isn't that how it works?

Let's get real for a minute. Why would Missy ask me to write a guest post? Let me break it down for you...
I've written 2 posts on my own blog. That's right. 1 aaand 2. That's it. She must be desperate! Totally teasing, it's obviously because I use cute pics of my baby, duh.

Seriously, I absolutely love my son and having a family. I was never the girl who liked babysitting or playing with kids growing up. I knew I wanted kids one day, but didn't really like spending my free time with them(except for my niece and nephew. I must've had special grace for them). I got a full time job the summer after I turned 14 and started making the big bucks ($8/hour was a pretty big deal) while all my friends were getting babysitting jobs. I looked at it as a way to start saving quicker for the car I had to buy for myself (in cash) and then start saving for hair school.  I'm laughing as I write this because I am NOT a saver!  I never have been but am praying there's hope to become one so my husband and I can retire one day. One day a loooong long time from now. I am still paying off my student loans (almost done though!!) and am pretty sure I just bought a lot of shoes and junk food with all my earnings through High School. I was fashionable with zits. Real cool.

All that to say, I'm completely shocked at how much I absolutely LOVE being Hudson's Mom! You're thinking "of course she loves her child" and I do, but the whole loving being a mom part is what surprised me.  Even more than that, I like other kids too!

It's a given you're gonna like your own, but other people's? I didn't see that coming.

It just further settles in my heart that God has a way of working things out. He always has. And He always will. The fact that there's an instant love for this tiny wonder growing inside of you from the moment you find out you're pregnant is a true testimony of a Mother's love. The ability to read your child's cries and know what they need when no one else has a clue (ok, so maybe sometimes you really don't know either) is an absolute miracle if you ask me! Loving them in spite of the disobeying and playing in the dog's water bowl after you JUST asked them not to sounds a lot like what God does for us on a daily basis.

For the record, I do not play in the water dish. That would be Hudson.

This week I've been constantly reminded of my crap (pardon my language )that the Lord puts up with and still loves and pursues me every single day. Every day! It really is amazing! The more I think of it, the more I just want to spend time with Him. And the more time I spend with Him, I'm reminded of how He loves me. And the more I'm reminded of His love, the more I want to love like He does (Did you see what what i did there?) Especially my own child. It's simple really, but not always so easy for me. 
I don't know about you, but I can always use a good reminder of how much I'm loved :)

Who knew this would take a serious turn!?
Thanks for reading, even though I'm sure you saw it wasn't a post from Missy and were bummed. She's pretty great!

Find more of Alli and Stella's boyfriend at

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ever since I can remember, I've been a sucker for pictures.  I hoarded them in High School and College and when Sam was born, I faithfully took him every 3 months to get them taken.  I honestly don't know anything about which camera is a good one and which brand is not, but thankfully Gage does.  He bought me a super awesome camera about 5 years ago.  Then it broke and I was devastated.  I went about a year without one.  It sucked.  When Stella was born, he surprised me in the hospital with a brand new one!  It rocked.

Since then, my love for pictures and taking pictures has grown pretty much by the minute.  I have zero plans of doing this professionally but I'm still having fun so here's what I did this week...

Ladies and Gents, my ridiculously cute and chubby niece, Pippa:

Hey Aunt Missy, I thought you said this was going to be fun.

Here is Pipsqueak threatening to kill me

Here is her "smiling."  (I think she secretly liked this dress)

Yo, lady, this hat is super dumb.
Oh, Pippa, I love you ever so! 

As if that wasn't enough cuteness, I did this a few days later:

Here, I give you precious baby Sarah Chambliss...

I love me a group of girly girls and red heads!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Post #1

Let me introduce my guest.  This post is courtesy of my cousin, Julia.  Her and my sister, Mackenzie were born a day apart and have always had a priceless relationship.  Julia has an admirable love for Jesus and is seriously rocking in the fashion department.  She is also tall, blonde, and beautiful.  Here is her super exciting story for you to enjoy!


Have you ever gotten a piece of jewelry that you just know that 
you're going to have for a lifetime? A piece that just 
has so much permanency and joy to it? No? No such serious jewelry? Well I did. This weekend.

My best friend asked me to marry him. 
I said yes. 
For the good of us both. 
This was us pre-engagement.

That was actually the night before it happened. 
Just not a good look. 
Dating obviously did not look good on us. 
Enter, betrothal.

We had plans to go to Denver this past weekend but I, being the 
responsible teacher I am, decided we should hang back. And so ensued date night. Normal, run of the mill, date night. We went out to dinner, shopped and got a movie. We were talking about the ever popular topic of marriage in the car on the way to my house. We parked, I got out and unbeknownst to me, my other half was about to make the biggest move of his life. He simply got out of the car and met me with a little box. All I heard was "Well, I don't want to wait any longer." The rest is a blur, a love coma of a blur. All I know is that I think I said yes.
 Kidding, I did! 

Congrats to Julia and Tim!  You can find more of her here:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unrelated order of news

Let's talk about a couple things.  First off, my guest post has been submitted to the Omaha World Herald Momaha section and is being edited this week.  I had so much fun writing that post and emailing back and forth with the publisher.  That's why I surprised myself a little when she asked me to write a TWO SENTENCE bio and I couldn't come up with one word.  I always thought that bios are suppose to make you sound cool.   I have a hard time making myself sound cool.  Now, if you need some hard core sarcasm , I'm your girl.  However, Words of Affirmation = not for me.  I cringe at them actually.  Does that make me a perfectionist?  Or just weird? O well.  I had Mandy write it for me.  Why?  Watch the following skit and just know that I die thinking of Mandy every time I see this. 

(Mom, sorry about the beginning being a little inappropriate.  I know how you feel about SNL.  Just focus on Mindy.)
Mandy Mindy and the SECRET WORD:

In preparation for the big debut, I also picked a guest blogger!  I thought it would be fun to have other people's entries on cobbmobb to change it up as we (I) anticipate going viral. (I still crack myself up saying that).  My first guest blogger will be posted later this week.  It's a good one too! 

I may post a couple guest blogs so if you are interested in making an appearance, let me know.  I will accept all topics besides politics.  This is going to be fun!

Second, I would like to ask you to please check out an old friend of mine's Caring Bridge site. I went to high school with Jen and this site is for her daughter, Ella, who has a rare disease called SMA.  This week, Holly and I got to meet Ella and she's a special gal.  We pray for her a lot at our house.  Here's a photo of Stella and Holly supporting Ella by wearing her Tshirts. Jen had a Tshirt fundraiser to get Ella a new manual wheelchair.

Last order of business is in regards to my recent photo session with the Mixan's.  I'm no pro folks, but I LOVE taking pictures.  I don't even own Photoshop but I work my magic with Picasa.  I can do nothing about boogers in noses and double chins but I can add sun and shadows like it's my job.  These pics turned out pretty spectacular so even though I took a bazillion, here's some of my favorites:

All taken with my great camera and janky manual lens.

If you would like me to take your family photos also, than please buy me an auto lens.

Friday, November 2, 2012

November News

I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a new month since May 2011.  Besides The Bieb's concert, let's just say that October sucked and leave it at that.  I really have a good feeling about 11/12 though.  The Holiday's are approaching and Starbucks busted out their red cups.  Pure joy.

Sammy will have this month off from sports.  That only means more QT with him in the evenings.  I'll totally take it.  After all, he is my favorite kid son.  The other day Grandpa Tom used his own gift card to buy Sam a new pair of shoes because he told him he needed them more.  Even though Sammy's Love Language is physical touch, "gifts" is a really really close second.  Grandpa's stunt left him speechless and that high should carry him right on into Christmas.

He spent an hour carving his "barf pumkpin"

Holly is finishing all her dances and gearing up for some great winter performances.  Besides her strange need to either dress like a homeless person OR a princess going to a ball, she's my easiest kid.  She is so sweet and funny and has more friends than I've had my whole life.  Maybe this will be the month I convince her that she won't die if she wears jeans.

Holly Dolly loves a good craft

Stella tickles my heart as she gets older and her perfectionist ways are coming out.  That's probably a weird thing to admit but I can't help it.  Perfectionist and super-dee-dooper girly. She threw a little fit when I tried black boots on her in the store the other day.  She told me "NO!" and instead pointed to the pink sparkly ones.  Listen kid, I'm pretty sure 18 months is too young to be picky about what you wear.  Nice try.  She makes us laugh constantly.  She calls Holly, "Holla" and her favorite song is Gangnam Style

I bought the black boots anyway

Since November is a month to be thankful, I'm super pumped because I have A LOT to be thankful for.  Also, this is the month my Momaha guest blog will be published!  I picked a topic and I promise it won't disappoint.  As soon as I get an exact date, I will let everyone know.

Happy November and cheers to the freakin' weekend.