Thursday, October 18, 2012

The key to success

Today I attended Parent/Teacher Conferences at Willowdale Elementary.  Mark that down as October 18, 2012.  It's a day I don't want to forget.

I so remember when this day used to be stressful. It's when you know you have a really smart kid who is known for getting "N's" on all the life skills side of his report card. "N's for NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Needs improvement on using time wisely, distracting others, finishing assignments on time, staying organized, paying attention, etc. It poses great confusion when the teach shows you his test scores.  Bazaar test scores.

Last year I considered homeschooling when his grades, for the first time ever, started to mirror his behavior checks. You would too if your kid who gets a 100% on every single test with never studying, starts to get C's on his report card because his homework assignments are all crumbled up in his desk. And he doesn't care. At all.  

For the record, Gage and I are not sticklers about getting perfect grades.  We are, however, sticklers about our kids working to their full potential.  Knowing that your child is not even close is so frustrating.

As I continued to weigh my options last year, something in him started to change. And it had nothing to do with school work.


I love a little boy who loves sports.  I love that my son watches Sports Center every morning before school and reads every issue of Sports Illustrated Kids cover to cover.

I also just want to say that I'm not against medication.  I believe it is sometimes necessary and does indeed work.  I also believe in a God who is bigger than anything and I believe in an enemy so evil that he fills the world with lies.

I also did not believe for one day that my son needed to be medicated. I think a mom just knows that sort of thing. I don't pretend to know things that I don't.  I enjoy harmony and don't mind asking for help.  But I know my son.  I have understanding his thoughts and feelings down to an art . I believe I'm sometimes the only one with that power. I thank God all the time for giving me that gift. I know this kid. Believe me, someone has to.

Let my son be an example that confidence is the key to success. Sammy's love for sports led to him making friends with kids who share his same interests. Which led to a huge boost of confidence. Which led to him not only trying harder in school but CARING about his grades.  He takes pride in finishing his homework on time and hasn't had one late assignment yet.  In fact, he rarely has homework because he uses his time SO wisely while in school that he finishes it there!  Today at conferences, his teacher used words like responsible and mature.  I still can't believe it.  
We did nothing different. I didn't medicate him or home school him.  I just paid closer attention to him.  I'm so in tune to my son that I find myself thinking about him constantly.  Just not in a concerned way anymore.  I've been his mom for 1/3 of my life and I think I finally got this down.  I'm so fired up about his future I could cry.  Happy tears.

Ladies and Gents, my favorite boy on the planet:

That's a perfect report card, folks.  We will celebrate by going to Vala's tomorrow.  Again.  Who's with us?

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