Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest blogger

Listen up readers!

Momaha.com has asked me to be a guest blogger.  I'm pretty big time now.  I'm going to have to practice my autograph later because right now I need a topic!  What on earth do I write about?  Life as a mother of 3?  Too generic.  Being a working mother and wife?  My totally rad job? Or maybe my desire to never work again? Is it too risky to write about my faith?  I don't want to get banned!

Perhaps I should roll with my love for this city that I grew up in and LOVE raising my kids in.  That sounds safe.  Talking about my kids is what's easy and natural.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Maybe I should write about spending 3/4 of my weekday hours in my minivan driving all over the city.  Now THAT could be something the readers relate to, right? Should I be funny? Or honest?  Careful or vulnerable?  Help!

I thought since we are about to go viral, I should tidy up the blog.  Here's a secret for ya: the misspelled "mobb" was not on purpose. I set this blog up on a total whim one day and decided to make it a New Year's resolution.  Spellcheck is my best friend (yes, Gage, I know I need it) but it failed me big time on day ONE. Since I truly didn't think anyone would ever read this blog, I didn't even notice OR care that the name was spelled wrong. In fact, I just left it and made it work when I noticed. It seemed like I did it on purpose because of how our last name is spelled. Got ya, didn't I?


Truth is, it bothers me from time to time that it's spelled like that.  But now I'm in too deep.  What if all 10 of my readers can't find the link?  (Mom? Sisters? Aunt Amy? You guys doing alright?) 

Just in case I've confused you, please let me distract you with a beautiful baby.

So, misspelled and imperfect, Cobbmobb is going big time.  Well, kinda.  If you consider Omaha big time.  I do.

I don't know when my guest appearance will be yet.  Until then, feel free to subscribe or become a follower on here to make me look cooler.  Thanks, friends!  (by friends I mean family and by family I mean the names mentioned above).


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  1. Congratulations, Missy! That's so exciting! You're in the bigs!