Monday, October 29, 2012


Now that we have had time to wind down from the Bieber concert on Friday night, I'm forcing myself to put it into words.  And, of course, pictures.  It was definitely one for the books but I'm pooped.  Holly had a blast. Last night she told me that Friday felt like a dream.

Since the Bieb's was in KC, we went to the concert with some of our favorite cousins.  The Thelan family!  Holly is obsessed with these girls so it's always great to visit them.

Emma, Lilly, and Holly trying to contain their excitement before the concert

It wasn't Holly's first concert because Aunt Kenzie took her to Miley Cyrus a few years ago.  However, it was super fun for me to see how excited she was with Emma and Lily.  I went to my first concert with my sister, Mandy and my cousin, Keli when I was Holly's age.  Keli is Emma and Lily's mom.  Since that was 20 something years ago, obviously we went to KNOTB and wore Joey McEntire buttons all over our hyper color shirts.  We screamed "WE LOVE YOU" from the nose bleed like it was our job.  Full circle, baby.

Holly had a smile plastered to her face the entire concert.  Cody Simpson opened the show with his adorable Aussie accent.  We then jammed with Carly Rae Jepsen and Holly got to be a part of her first crowd "wave."   It's amazing how much she loved it.  She had so many questions about that wave.

Who started the wave?  How does everyone know how to do it?  Can I start another one?

Well, shoot.  If I would have know that's all it was going to take to make a memory like that, I would have rounded up the neighborhood for a quick "wave" down Barretts Drive.  Next year for sure.

Even though we paid a ton for the tickets and drove for 3 hours (and Holly loved the wave the best), I had so much fun making that memory with my gal and Aunt Kenzie!  I even think Aunt Kenz may have teared up when JB came out strapped to giant wings and hanging from the ceiling.  What a stud.

I totally stole that picture from Facebook.  Thanks, Stacy!

Besides Beib's singing "Never say Never,"  the excitement on Holly's face, and that cuties drum solo, my favorite part of the concert was when I received the following text message from several rows below us.  The Thelans definitely splurged more than us on their tickets and when I received this picture text, I laughed for 5 minutes so there is no way I cannot share it with you right now...

They could pretty much see the sweat dripping down his face onto his skinny jeans.

Here's a picture of me and Holls on Saturday at, you guessed it...Nebraska Dance, still on a Bieber high.  I wonder how many days in a row Holly will wear her new JB T-shirt.  We are 4 for 4 so far.

So, maybe Holly couldn't hear for about an hour after the concert but it was worth every second, every penny, and every time I heard that kid say "swaggy."  Just when I thought the trip couldn't have been topped off any better, last night I found a few gold mines on my Ipad.  If you ever need a smile, let's say for the rest of your life, remember this link and please please enjoy the following videos.

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