Sunday, September 16, 2012

RIP, Dizzy Lizzy

Well, the fish couldn't live forever right? Now, if only Holly knew that prior to last Thursday. Once again her sensitive and nurturing heart struck mine into tiny pieces.

When I went to wake Holly for school Thursday morning I found her standing at her dresser just staring at a lifeless fish. I KNEW it would be a meltdown if I confirmed its time of death so when she asked "does Lizzy always do this?" I lied. I told her I would keep an eye on her while she was at school and call uncle Mike (the Betta police) to get a second opinion.

Since I work on Thursday nights, Holly was calling me at work and "texting" me from her iPod (that still cracks me up) to report the bad news. She talked Gage into letting her stay up till I got home so we could give Lizzy a funeral as a family.

She's dead serious.


I'm pretty sure Holly subconsciously knows that I'm slightly more compassionate than Gage so she saved her tears for my shoulder.  When I got home she hugged me and sobbed.  Even though we are talking about a $7 Betta, this was real life to Holly. Lucky for her, Mama's #1 strength is Empathy.

We prayed together and thanked God for our time with Lizzy (okay, I'm kinda laughing now but I wasn't at the time I swear) and then Gage gave her the flush. Holly didn't want to watch her swirl down the toilet so she laid in her bed and cried. Dramatic, I know.  Also heartbreaking.

Holly then had a hard time falling asleep because she said she needs the sound of Lizzy's tank. Umm, didn't see that one coming. The next thing out of her mouth made for one of the hardest times I've ever had to "not laugh" thus far in life.


She said she can't sleep because she is used to 3 people being her room. Three "people" as in herself, Jarjar (who sleeps pretty much on Holly's head) and, of course, Lizzy.

And then there were two.

Her solution was that she slept in bed with Gage and I (totalling 3 people). How do you say no to that!? She makes a hell of an argument.

Don't worry, this story does have a happy ending.

To the pet store we go!  Even though all those beautiful and exotic looking fish were tempting, there is a reason the Betta's are all individually packaged.  They are not nice to each other.  Learned that the hard way, right Melrose?  RIP, Piper and damn you, Izzie.

Holly took her fish picking very serious, as well as choosing just the right name.  As usual, we decided to ignore the fact that Petco only sells male Betta's.

Allow me to introduce, Bella the Betta.  She really is beautiful.

Bella's first day at her new home

Here's to hoping that she lives past the one year mark.  Lizzy was one week shy.

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  1. poor Holly! this did make me laugh though...we had many a funeral for all my pet hamsters growing up.... I even would etch their name into a rock which served as a tomb stone ;)