Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinterest love

Happy Pinterest Season!  Even though Pinterest is not a seasonal social network, that's pretty much all I use it for.  Today, Holly and I decided to dive right in to those Pin Boards.  It was successful quality time with my little gal.  Since our projects were so much fun and such a success, I promised to share with all my Pinterest loving friends.

It doesn't look like much but those supplies carried us a long way!

First up was decorating our pumpkins.  I'm not really a fan of carving them so we used paint and sequins.  Girl pumpkins.  Gage is definitely the carver in the family and he's freakishly good at it.  It's fun to look at them for like the first week but then I just get grossed out.  No, I haven't tired Pinterest's recipe to keep carved pumpkins fresh.  Maybe that's next weekend's project.  This is what we got for now...

The "C" glows in the dark
We were pretty proud of ourselves after those.  Next up was making some treats for Sam's football team's bake sale tomorrow.  Holly was a pro at filling the goody bags and twist tying those babies up.  We were also sure to make a little a lot for us.

I give you, white chocolate covered popcorn mixed with candy corn, reese's pieces, and nuts.  I'm not lying, it's tasty.

The goody bags are peanut free of course.  The bowls for the Cobb house: not so much.
I debated if I should unveil the grand finale of my day or not. I have decided to give the blogosphere a sneak peek.  What I'm about to show you is only the beginning stages of Stella's Halloween costume.  She is going to be a Scarecrow princess.  I made her dress out of tulle but I still plan to make curly ribbon to stream from it and I will attempt making a hat out of burlap.  I plan to stuff it (somehow?) and sew patches on it.  I'll definitely keep ya posted on how that turns out.  (AKA: I end up buying one).

She's not crazy about it just yet.  It's itchy, I'm sure.  That's why I will put her in tights and some kind of shirt underneath.  For now, WORK IT GIRL!

This scarecrow couldn't scare you if she tried
My favorite part of her being a scarecrow is that she will coordinate with Holly's costume nicely.  I'm making Holly be a spider.  We are putting that killer spider costume (that cost too many dollars) to use.  Plus I just love looking at it.

There was plenty more fun ideas we wanted to get to, but I'm exhausted.  Until next time, I added a link below of pictures of fun ideas to look at it and dream of doing some day.  Let's face it, that's really all we do with Pinterest 99% of the time anyway.

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