Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Holly!

September 9th! Happy birthday, Holly Holly Kay Kay Do You Want To Play Play!

It was right around this age when you thought your full name was "Holly Holly Kay Kay Do You Want To Play Play"
It has been such a fun weekend celebrating you! I loved our mother/daughter pedicures (thanks Aunt Jody!) and our family dinner at Valentino's (your favorite). I'm also so glad that you decided to save up for a iPod touch like Sammy did on his birthday. It has provided more entertainment than I thought possible. I loved waking up this morning to the Mixan girls in my living room via FaceTime and hearing the *ding* of birthday iMessages going off all day. I really can't believe you are 8!

I remember the day you were born like yesterday. It was my fastest and most painful labor to date. Since I was scheduled to be induced at 6am on the 9th, your dad didn't take me too seriously at 11pm the night before when I told him I was in labor. At 11:30 I tried to walk off the pain with no success and by midnight I was begging him to take me to the hospital. By 12:30 he was convinced/scared for his life and strapped me in.  I pretty much held my breathe the entire car ride except when he hit pot holes at which time, I punched him.  When we pulled into the parking lot around 1am I tried stepping out of the car with, once again, no success. I believe your father yelled "MAN DOWN IN THE PARKING LOT" and left me there to go retrieve a wheel chair.

Yes, this is a true story.

Where were we? Oh yes. My wheelchair. I vaguely remember the security guard laughing as he directed a crazy man pushing a screaming woman down the hall. They threw me in a gown and I immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY) ordered their best drugs. When the nurse told me I was dilated to 2 ( TWO!) I felt another punch coming on. When she said I could have the drugs anyway (probably because she, too, was scared) I restrained my fist.  The dealer arrived lickety split and poured that liquid gold down my back. Scared nurse lady checked me again and almost peed herself when she realized I was at 10 (TEN!).

In a quick time recap, that's 2 to 10 in 1 hour.  Ouch.

It was a darn good thing I ordered the liquid gold when I did because I almost missed the boat. I don't even want to think about what I may have done without the drugs since the speed of the labor knocked my socks so far off that I was hyperventilating. Actually I looked like the exorcist, convulsing and spinning my head at a pace I didn't even know existed. Breathing was totally out of the question.  The doc arrived just in time to catch you and walk away with all the glory. You were born at 2:10am. Lord, have mercy.

That story never gets old. I hope you can read it and smile someday. Maybe even relate, when you are a mom.  I love that you want to be a mom.  I love being a mom.  YOUR mom.

Every birthday with you has been so special and full of memories just the way you like 'em.

One of my favorites was when Grandma and I took you to get your ears pierced at Sweet and Sassy Salon....

Getting your ears pierced on your 5th birthday!
 Never mind that you screamed "I CHANGE MY MIND" halfway through the piercing or that you just told me today that you want the holes to close up.  It was a memory, right?

I know that birthday parties are the most important to you and that's why we took all your friends to the Zoo today to celebrate!  I originally didn't think we could top your cooking party at Hy-Vee last year, or your Pinkalicious party at ND the year before and definitely not your Fancy Nancy sleep over the year before that! 

Today proved me wrong!  It was a blast.  Totally crazy with 22 girls and one stud, but so worth it.  Another great party in the books. :)


You bring so much joy to so many people, Holly Kay, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. Obviously, Justin Bieber (!!!!!!) and some super cute competition dances, great new friends and even better old friends, new baby cousins, and so much more!  I love you so much it's ridiculous! 

October 26th, baby!

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