Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad news bears season?  Sam is having fun.  That is for sure.  Loving it actually.  He is getting lots of playing time, learning a ton, making some really great plays, his confidence is soaring, and he even changes his own pads from "practice pants" to "game pants" all by himself.  I have never touched them. 

His team?  Well, there's no easy way to put this.  They suck.  I mean, in their defense it's their first year playing tackle so I've heard this is normal.  However, they have literally had their a$$es handed to them every single game.  They haven't just lost, they have been slaughtered.  The good news is that Sammy still loves playing.   He really does.

Go 82!

I mean, honestly, I feel the worse for his coaches.  They are so into those practices and work the kids so hard only to get creamed every Sunday.  Yes, they are getting better each week but that can't feel good.

Oh, sure that looks fair

Here is The Pewees Chief's team playing the Cowboys today.  The results were ugly.  My son, however, is already looking forward to practice tomorrow.  My little Rudy Ruettiger brushes off those losses like they are nothing and gets back out there!  Only difference here is that his team is no fighting Irish.  As I mentioned above, they suck.

I mean, why does this look more like a gang fight to me than a football game?  Anyone?

Sam really is fast and he gets pretty proud of his speed when they race in PE class at school.  Somehow on the football field (and baseball and basketball) he lacks aggression, therefore holding back speed.  It's definitely more frustrating for Gage to watch than me.  I just always end up saying "aww poor guy" or "he's so cute."  Gage usually disagrees.  This is the bottom line: Sammy is not competitive. 

However, I can't stress enough how blown away we have been watching him play football this year.  He's always been very capable of "talking the talk" but he's finally taking some struts down victory lane. 

Without his team, of course. 

He's made some really great tackles this year on some really huge kids.  It still boggles my mind to see him take kids down at ANY size.  Today's game?  Nope.  I don't know much about football but I'm pretty confident his team didn't even get a first down.  Not even once.

Sam almost tackled that kid right before he scored.  He was so darn close.  And really #1?  I mean, since it WAS your 5th touchdown of the game, would it have killed you to throw him a bone?  I mean, really?

This must be the intimidation technique used when you are the smallest guy on the team.

You have to admit...this one is kinda funny

I always knew that Sammy was small and had I NO IDEA how tackle football was going to play out.  Somehow, I still acted surprised when they had "weight in's" and it became official that he was the smallest one.  Even more to my dismay, he has been playing hard and aggressively.  He's been making great tackles every game and last week he sacked the quarterback (I KNEW THAT ONE)!  Even though the scores are absolutely brutal every week, I'm thankful for football in Sammy's life right now.  He's in heaven.  I'm even more thankful that he's not competitive.

The following photo is what ended today's game.

Oh, how nice of those little shits to take a knee after they took down our 4th and final quarterback.  After this stunt, the game ended in a forfeit. 

Sammy and Grandpa after the game.  Gramps is promising him that baseball will not look like football.

Wish the Chiefs luck next week!  Trust me, they need it.

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