Thursday, September 27, 2012

Food for thought

So, I've been thinking.  Sometimes my "thinking" gets me into trouble.  Maybe I do too much of it.  Naturally, I'm a pretty quiet person.  If you didn't know that, I apologize for the confusion.  I was raised with 4 un-quiet women in my house.  This is the truth: I love being quiet before the Lord.  Dead silent.  I can be silent for a looooong time.  It's peaceful.  And I usually just think. 

Lately, I feel like I've been waiting on God for some huge sign. Some clear message about the future. Some questions are big ones that I would rather not decide myself.  Should we move?  Should we have another baby? (Someday?)  If so, when?  Should I work more or less?   I don't ever want to quit my job.  Ever.  But this year, I feel like a real semi-stay home mom and it feels amazing.  I get to pick my kids up from school every day and take them to AND from their activities.  Heck, last week I even stayed to watched Holly's dance class. 
AS A MOM!  It rocked. 

While we are on the topic, I also have approximately 47 billion small questions that need a VERY clear answer.  I'm not good at reading between the lines.  For example:

Hey Lord, is it a good idea to let Holly dance 4 nights a week? Also, should I find a more loving home for this dog that I can't stand? Am I delusional in thinking that Stella is showing signs of wanting to be potty trained? Also, how crazy am I in wanting to talk to Sam about S-E-X before his friends do?

It's hard being a mom. Its my favorite title but its also the most tiring. Being a wife gets easier all the time. Not that it was ever super difficult but maybe it's just that I'm finding the groove as the years go on. Gage and I just compliment each other in all the right ways. He's a worrier and I'm laid back. So when I let the kids ride bikes without helmets or share seat belts with their cousins (we call it a "tight squeeze") he jumps in and let's me know I'm off my rocker.  Parking illegally does not scare me but it scares the lawyer so I had to give that one up. I don't really miss it. With that said, I'm the cook and the maid in our home. Gage leaves his shoes on the floor and BAM I pick them up. He leaves his cereal bowl ON THE COUCH and mama carries it to the sink.  We are a good team. I really love him.

So where has all my thinking got me? As usual (but for some reason NEVER expected) an answered prayer that shifted my thinking completely. I feel like God is wanting to take me to a deeper level of both contentment and risk.   Love what you got. Treasure who love. Also, take a leap of faith.  Trust God. Dream big.

I know of marriages in jeopardy and unhealthy babies being born.  I am close to far too many young girls who are bullied or trying to uphold an unhealthy image the world has for them.  On top of that, last Friday a 13 year old boy was walking to our neighborhood middle school and was hit by a car at full speed.  He died later that day. 

My heart hurts thinking about all of these things.  It physically hurts.  Sometimes, that Empathy will bring these things to my mind and I can't even focus.  I cried repeatedly over that little boy that I never met.  Too close to home, I guess.  Literally. 

When I start to think, like really think, I feel uncontrollably blessed. I love my husband more than life itself and know the feelings are mutual. My kids are healthy and loved and bring us so much joy. They are confident in their own skin and they are talented. They love the Lord and strive to please Him.  They know what sacrifice is and truly appreciate their blessings.

I know what contentment is suppose to and SHOULD feel like.  However, I'm still thankful for God's reminders.  I try not to miss the fact that when we are made weak, He is strong.  So when my van, that we have owned for less than year, needs an $8,000 engine, I know God is still in control.  What a relief.  I know God wants me to be content and trust Him deeply.  To not rely on my own strength.  Whew!  At the same time, take that leap of faith.  Whatever that leap is.  God wants to fill our hearts deepest desires.  This excites me every time I think about it.

Contentment AND risk.  Contradicting?  Maybe, but JC is funny like that.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad news bears season?  Sam is having fun.  That is for sure.  Loving it actually.  He is getting lots of playing time, learning a ton, making some really great plays, his confidence is soaring, and he even changes his own pads from "practice pants" to "game pants" all by himself.  I have never touched them. 

His team?  Well, there's no easy way to put this.  They suck.  I mean, in their defense it's their first year playing tackle so I've heard this is normal.  However, they have literally had their a$$es handed to them every single game.  They haven't just lost, they have been slaughtered.  The good news is that Sammy still loves playing.   He really does.

Go 82!

I mean, honestly, I feel the worse for his coaches.  They are so into those practices and work the kids so hard only to get creamed every Sunday.  Yes, they are getting better each week but that can't feel good.

Oh, sure that looks fair

Here is The Pewees Chief's team playing the Cowboys today.  The results were ugly.  My son, however, is already looking forward to practice tomorrow.  My little Rudy Ruettiger brushes off those losses like they are nothing and gets back out there!  Only difference here is that his team is no fighting Irish.  As I mentioned above, they suck.

I mean, why does this look more like a gang fight to me than a football game?  Anyone?

Sam really is fast and he gets pretty proud of his speed when they race in PE class at school.  Somehow on the football field (and baseball and basketball) he lacks aggression, therefore holding back speed.  It's definitely more frustrating for Gage to watch than me.  I just always end up saying "aww poor guy" or "he's so cute."  Gage usually disagrees.  This is the bottom line: Sammy is not competitive. 

However, I can't stress enough how blown away we have been watching him play football this year.  He's always been very capable of "talking the talk" but he's finally taking some struts down victory lane. 

Without his team, of course. 

He's made some really great tackles this year on some really huge kids.  It still boggles my mind to see him take kids down at ANY size.  Today's game?  Nope.  I don't know much about football but I'm pretty confident his team didn't even get a first down.  Not even once.

Sam almost tackled that kid right before he scored.  He was so darn close.  And really #1?  I mean, since it WAS your 5th touchdown of the game, would it have killed you to throw him a bone?  I mean, really?

This must be the intimidation technique used when you are the smallest guy on the team.

You have to admit...this one is kinda funny

I always knew that Sammy was small and had I NO IDEA how tackle football was going to play out.  Somehow, I still acted surprised when they had "weight in's" and it became official that he was the smallest one.  Even more to my dismay, he has been playing hard and aggressively.  He's been making great tackles every game and last week he sacked the quarterback (I KNEW THAT ONE)!  Even though the scores are absolutely brutal every week, I'm thankful for football in Sammy's life right now.  He's in heaven.  I'm even more thankful that he's not competitive.

The following photo is what ended today's game.

Oh, how nice of those little shits to take a knee after they took down our 4th and final quarterback.  After this stunt, the game ended in a forfeit. 

Sammy and Grandpa after the game.  Gramps is promising him that baseball will not look like football.

Wish the Chiefs luck next week!  Trust me, they need it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinterest love

Happy Pinterest Season!  Even though Pinterest is not a seasonal social network, that's pretty much all I use it for.  Today, Holly and I decided to dive right in to those Pin Boards.  It was successful quality time with my little gal.  Since our projects were so much fun and such a success, I promised to share with all my Pinterest loving friends.

It doesn't look like much but those supplies carried us a long way!

First up was decorating our pumpkins.  I'm not really a fan of carving them so we used paint and sequins.  Girl pumpkins.  Gage is definitely the carver in the family and he's freakishly good at it.  It's fun to look at them for like the first week but then I just get grossed out.  No, I haven't tired Pinterest's recipe to keep carved pumpkins fresh.  Maybe that's next weekend's project.  This is what we got for now...

The "C" glows in the dark
We were pretty proud of ourselves after those.  Next up was making some treats for Sam's football team's bake sale tomorrow.  Holly was a pro at filling the goody bags and twist tying those babies up.  We were also sure to make a little a lot for us.

I give you, white chocolate covered popcorn mixed with candy corn, reese's pieces, and nuts.  I'm not lying, it's tasty.

The goody bags are peanut free of course.  The bowls for the Cobb house: not so much.
I debated if I should unveil the grand finale of my day or not. I have decided to give the blogosphere a sneak peek.  What I'm about to show you is only the beginning stages of Stella's Halloween costume.  She is going to be a Scarecrow princess.  I made her dress out of tulle but I still plan to make curly ribbon to stream from it and I will attempt making a hat out of burlap.  I plan to stuff it (somehow?) and sew patches on it.  I'll definitely keep ya posted on how that turns out.  (AKA: I end up buying one).

She's not crazy about it just yet.  It's itchy, I'm sure.  That's why I will put her in tights and some kind of shirt underneath.  For now, WORK IT GIRL!

This scarecrow couldn't scare you if she tried
My favorite part of her being a scarecrow is that she will coordinate with Holly's costume nicely.  I'm making Holly be a spider.  We are putting that killer spider costume (that cost too many dollars) to use.  Plus I just love looking at it.

There was plenty more fun ideas we wanted to get to, but I'm exhausted.  Until next time, I added a link below of pictures of fun ideas to look at it and dream of doing some day.  Let's face it, that's really all we do with Pinterest 99% of the time anyway.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

RIP, Dizzy Lizzy

Well, the fish couldn't live forever right? Now, if only Holly knew that prior to last Thursday. Once again her sensitive and nurturing heart struck mine into tiny pieces.

When I went to wake Holly for school Thursday morning I found her standing at her dresser just staring at a lifeless fish. I KNEW it would be a meltdown if I confirmed its time of death so when she asked "does Lizzy always do this?" I lied. I told her I would keep an eye on her while she was at school and call uncle Mike (the Betta police) to get a second opinion.

Since I work on Thursday nights, Holly was calling me at work and "texting" me from her iPod (that still cracks me up) to report the bad news. She talked Gage into letting her stay up till I got home so we could give Lizzy a funeral as a family.

She's dead serious.


I'm pretty sure Holly subconsciously knows that I'm slightly more compassionate than Gage so she saved her tears for my shoulder.  When I got home she hugged me and sobbed.  Even though we are talking about a $7 Betta, this was real life to Holly. Lucky for her, Mama's #1 strength is Empathy.

We prayed together and thanked God for our time with Lizzy (okay, I'm kinda laughing now but I wasn't at the time I swear) and then Gage gave her the flush. Holly didn't want to watch her swirl down the toilet so she laid in her bed and cried. Dramatic, I know.  Also heartbreaking.

Holly then had a hard time falling asleep because she said she needs the sound of Lizzy's tank. Umm, didn't see that one coming. The next thing out of her mouth made for one of the hardest times I've ever had to "not laugh" thus far in life.


She said she can't sleep because she is used to 3 people being her room. Three "people" as in herself, Jarjar (who sleeps pretty much on Holly's head) and, of course, Lizzy.

And then there were two.

Her solution was that she slept in bed with Gage and I (totalling 3 people). How do you say no to that!? She makes a hell of an argument.

Don't worry, this story does have a happy ending.

To the pet store we go!  Even though all those beautiful and exotic looking fish were tempting, there is a reason the Betta's are all individually packaged.  They are not nice to each other.  Learned that the hard way, right Melrose?  RIP, Piper and damn you, Izzie.

Holly took her fish picking very serious, as well as choosing just the right name.  As usual, we decided to ignore the fact that Petco only sells male Betta's.

Allow me to introduce, Bella the Betta.  She really is beautiful.

Bella's first day at her new home

Here's to hoping that she lives past the one year mark.  Lizzy was one week shy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Holly!

September 9th! Happy birthday, Holly Holly Kay Kay Do You Want To Play Play!

It was right around this age when you thought your full name was "Holly Holly Kay Kay Do You Want To Play Play"
It has been such a fun weekend celebrating you! I loved our mother/daughter pedicures (thanks Aunt Jody!) and our family dinner at Valentino's (your favorite). I'm also so glad that you decided to save up for a iPod touch like Sammy did on his birthday. It has provided more entertainment than I thought possible. I loved waking up this morning to the Mixan girls in my living room via FaceTime and hearing the *ding* of birthday iMessages going off all day. I really can't believe you are 8!

I remember the day you were born like yesterday. It was my fastest and most painful labor to date. Since I was scheduled to be induced at 6am on the 9th, your dad didn't take me too seriously at 11pm the night before when I told him I was in labor. At 11:30 I tried to walk off the pain with no success and by midnight I was begging him to take me to the hospital. By 12:30 he was convinced/scared for his life and strapped me in.  I pretty much held my breathe the entire car ride except when he hit pot holes at which time, I punched him.  When we pulled into the parking lot around 1am I tried stepping out of the car with, once again, no success. I believe your father yelled "MAN DOWN IN THE PARKING LOT" and left me there to go retrieve a wheel chair.

Yes, this is a true story.

Where were we? Oh yes. My wheelchair. I vaguely remember the security guard laughing as he directed a crazy man pushing a screaming woman down the hall. They threw me in a gown and I immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY) ordered their best drugs. When the nurse told me I was dilated to 2 ( TWO!) I felt another punch coming on. When she said I could have the drugs anyway (probably because she, too, was scared) I restrained my fist.  The dealer arrived lickety split and poured that liquid gold down my back. Scared nurse lady checked me again and almost peed herself when she realized I was at 10 (TEN!).

In a quick time recap, that's 2 to 10 in 1 hour.  Ouch.

It was a darn good thing I ordered the liquid gold when I did because I almost missed the boat. I don't even want to think about what I may have done without the drugs since the speed of the labor knocked my socks so far off that I was hyperventilating. Actually I looked like the exorcist, convulsing and spinning my head at a pace I didn't even know existed. Breathing was totally out of the question.  The doc arrived just in time to catch you and walk away with all the glory. You were born at 2:10am. Lord, have mercy.

That story never gets old. I hope you can read it and smile someday. Maybe even relate, when you are a mom.  I love that you want to be a mom.  I love being a mom.  YOUR mom.

Every birthday with you has been so special and full of memories just the way you like 'em.

One of my favorites was when Grandma and I took you to get your ears pierced at Sweet and Sassy Salon....

Getting your ears pierced on your 5th birthday!
 Never mind that you screamed "I CHANGE MY MIND" halfway through the piercing or that you just told me today that you want the holes to close up.  It was a memory, right?

I know that birthday parties are the most important to you and that's why we took all your friends to the Zoo today to celebrate!  I originally didn't think we could top your cooking party at Hy-Vee last year, or your Pinkalicious party at ND the year before and definitely not your Fancy Nancy sleep over the year before that! 

Today proved me wrong!  It was a blast.  Totally crazy with 22 girls and one stud, but so worth it.  Another great party in the books. :)


You bring so much joy to so many people, Holly Kay, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. Obviously, Justin Bieber (!!!!!!) and some super cute competition dances, great new friends and even better old friends, new baby cousins, and so much more!  I love you so much it's ridiculous! 

October 26th, baby!