Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer update

Since it's been forever since I've updated the blog, I thought I would give a general update about what the Cobb's have been up to...

I've been working.  A LOT.  It's choreography season and my brain is ready for a weekend of rest starting now.  Mandy and I just pumped out 13 dances in two weeks (5 more to go) and I can NOT WAIT to see them on stage this year. 

Sammy started football last month and is having the time of his life.  I'm totally new to this tackle football business and I've clearly got a lot to learn.  The rules say something about not being able to practice in full pads until August and today was his first "full pads" practice. 

*Note to self:  football parents pack a cooler and lawn chairs and stay to watch (and yell) the entire 2 hour practice. 

Even though I was the youngest mom there, I felt a little old school for wanting to drop my kid off in my minivan and hit the road.  Since, I've gotten much better at "looking" like I know what I'm doing, I decided to stay.  For the first half. 

*Note to self:  don't wave at your son when he looks your direction.  (I knew that one too!  Just had a moment of weakness.)

Moving on.

Holly is loving dance (and doing a whole heck of a lot of it).  She is also swimming everyday, riding her bike and, of course, falling every couple minutes.  She has brushed her hair a total of 4 times all summer but has finally nailed her "leg grab."

Stella has been getting funnier every day.  She has been very into her Daddy lately and she talks jibberish all the day long.  We also took a mini family vacay to KC a few weeks ago and Stella was on her very best behavior the whole time.  We left her with Gage's sister in KC while we took the big kids to Oceans of Fun.  It was a blast, even for Gage, who is not a fan of swimming.  We did some shopping and topped off the weekend with visiting Lawrence.  Duh.

My biggest downfall this summer, and quite possibly all year, was when I awoke the morning of July 26th.  Gage and I began going about our business for a few hours before he left for work and said "bye, Miss."  I told him goodbye and quickly hurried back to my choreography.  He then stopped me dead in my tracks when he replied with "happy anniversary."  Ouch.

For the record, this was the FIRST time in our 9 glorious years that he remembered and I forgot.  Since I had to work that whole day, he was really feeling like Mr. Romantic and sent me flowers at work.  Another first.  That's a great man I married, folks.  Nine years ago. 

Even though it's been busy, our summer has been great.  We have had a few bumps here on Barretts Drive but it helps to have friends (and family) in high places.  For example, our dryer has been broken off and on all summer.  My sister lives 1.2 minutes away so we have made several trips there while our awesome neighbor fixes the dryer every couple weeks.  In addition, our electrical panel just about started a fire and needed a full service ($$$$$$$$$).  Thank goodness I have the best daddy in the whole wide world, who also happens to be an electrician.  No questions here, we are blessed! 

To keep things exciting on Barretts Drive, yesterday there was a water main break at the top of our hill.  Sam literaly said it was the best day of his life.  Neighbor kids on bikes came out of the woodwork to splash through the streets.  Now that's some quality, free, summer fun.

In review; 13 dances, skinny excited football player with a clueless mom, a scrubby yet happy dancer, well behaved and funny baby, Jayhawk fill for the summer, forgetful yet loved wife, handyman within arms reach, electric master gramps, and more neighbor kids than we thought.

So far so good.

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