Thursday, August 30, 2012

One less lonely girl

Holly's 8th birthday celebrations are directly around the corner so we decided to have a fun photo shoot tonight.  It's so crazy to think that she is that old already. Even though she is not my oldest and it's waaaay more crazy to say I have a 10 year old, Holly was my youngest for so long. She was my baby Holly for 7 years (seven years of her begging for a sister). Seven years before she actually reached her life goal of becoming a big sister.

Now I have an 8 year old baby.  There is just something about Holly's spirit that makes it okay to still call her my baby Holly. I love spending QT with Holls. She is such a quality time person. Even though it's not my love language, it is hers so I love filling her cup with plenty of it!

Holly never asks for much for her birthday. She never has. (Slightly different from her brother in this department). One thing Holly does, however, ask for is one hell of party. She plans for 364 days prior to September 9th how to top last years party. This would be why she cried her eyes out when she heard that Aunt Makayla, her right hand man, couldn't make her party. It was way to heartbreaking to watch so we immediately switched the date. She needs her people there to celebrate with her. If they bring a gift...bonus...but her main focus is their presence not presents.

Speaking of presents, I'm pretty much peeing my pants with excitement to give Holly her gift from Gage and I.  Is there a better way to spend QT with an 8 year old girl than at a Justin Bieber concert? If you answered NO, than you are correct!

The JB t-shirt and CD have been purchased and wrapped. The tickets are printed and locked up. Even though I see no reason for Holly to be interested in boys until she is at least 20, I will be campaigning for her to be the One Less Lonely girl come October 26th.  Since Aunt Kenzie is coming with us, the only hurdle we may run into is fighting her for that spot on stage.

Justin's biggest fan

I can't wait to celebrate with my 8 year old this weekend!  This birthday is sure to bring some great memories.  Thank goodness Aunt Kayla can come! Next weekend we are taking about 20 little girls to the zoo to continue the celebration.

To be continued......

I tried to rotate this picture for 20 minutes and gave up.  Even sideways and scared out of her mind of heights, she's still a cutie.

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