Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye Summer 2012

The end is here.  We had such a great summer and it's so hard to believe that it's actually over.  I feel like we just Welcomed summer 2012 like yesterday.  Since I've worked basically non-stop for the last 3 weeks, I thought I would for sure be feeling sad this week that the last half of summer flew by in a blink.  I was wrong!  I'm as ready as ready can be.

What's that you say?  A clean house?  A quiet nap time?  Say what?  I'll take it! 

Summer is my favorite season by a landslide but it always seems to end at just the right time.  The weather has gone from a blistering round-the-clock heat to a beautiful, crisp 80 degrees practically overnight. 

Our Summer went out with a BANG when we went apple picking over the weekend with friends.  I wish it would have ended on that really great note, but Holly still managed to fall off her bike and split her eyelid in 2 places tonight.  Nothing says "welcome to 2nd grade" like a black eye on the first day.  In her defense, she made it almost a whole year since the last black eye.  I guess the 6 hours a week of ballet is finally starting to pay off.

Pre-black eye photo

Highlights of our summer:

1. Sammy making a select baseball team    (read here)
2. Holly learning to swim like an Olympian  (read here)
3. Stella learning to walk                            (read here)
4. My 30th birthday                                   (read here)
5. Swimming at G &G's house and one kick butt 4th of July party
6. Our trip to Kansas City and Oceans of Fun
7. London Olympics
8. Apple picking with friends and boating with family

Things we will not miss about summer 2012:

1. Fighting over Ipods
2. Fighting over goggles
3. Fighting over who has to take a bath first
4. Fighting over who's turn it is to put the dishes away
5. Messes on the kitchen table
6. Not being able to see Holly's bedroom floor
7. Sam's bike chain breaking everyday
8. Neighbor kids that say bad words

Potato, potata.  Summer is over and Fall is in the air!

Tonight was back to school night and we got to meet the kids' teachers.  We are ready to get this show on the road.  I've already got choked up twice just thinking about the 5th grade "clap out" on the last day of school.  Seriously.  If you follow my updates, you know how I feel about Middle School (booo).  That's why I plan on enjoying every second this year.  My little Willowdale Wildcats have their new bookbags packed and new kickers laid out.  They labeled all their own crap, which, at the time sounded brilliant but I later realized I probably should have monitored the process.  I suppose I will have to explain to Sammy's teacher that his middle name is NOT actually "The Man"  nor is it "Mr. Awesome."  I don't think anyone will have a problem identifying Holly's belongings with the enormous HC plastered all over each item.

I have a feeling that blog updates will be more frequent when the kids head back to school.  The first day is Wednesday but it will take me the remainder of the week to get my house looking like it did in May.  The coming months are sure to bring great entertainment to the Cobb's, therefore providing plenty of blogging material.  So far, Sammy is killing it on the football field.  Not only is football going to be a whole new experience for us this Fall, but Holly's birthday is weeks away and I have one hell of a birthday present for her.  It is going to knock her socks all the way to Kansas City!  Specifically when Justin Bieber is there.  Fun times are roundin' the corner. 

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